The lost art of foot washing is a tool for self release that comes from no particular school or New Age philosophy but is an age old art that already had a place in many cultures and countries but fell into oblivion.

In those far off days according to tradition this art used to be directly transmitted from master to disciple. Different sages of compassion for from any particular religion, sect or creed used to carry it out leaving us a message of freedom; “inner truth alone will free you”.

Today this forgotten art is once again with us thanks to Jose Luis “LIBRE” who after a long, profound investigation carried out on himself, rediscovered it and handed it on to us as an authentic way to personal and spiritual development, in order for us discover our own truth and know ourselves.
Due to the serious degenerative illness LIBRE was born with, rheumatoid arthritis, which enchained him and led him to uselessness, and after a prolonged searching with different therapists, healers and treatment from all parts of the world trying to break out of his suffering one fine day LIBRE came across this noble, age old art. From then on his true self-healing and liberation began.

It was through his illness that all the wisdom and knowledge of himself, life and sicknesses dawned on him managing to transform his ignorance to wisdom, sadness to happiness, pain to joy. All through this deep process of self-taught investigation into the forgotten art of foot washing he became aware of self deception and confusion of the human being and within him the spring of love and compassion awoke.

From then on LIBRE gave himself up entirely to this way and service to mankind sharing this noble art with us in utter pureness, maintaining its very essence so that all of us may benefit from this means of self-healing.




Self-healing is a journey to be undertaken by each individual and not a process carried out by a healer. Self-healing means being responsible for your own inner wounds and covering them over with the light of your consciousness.

The power to heal cannot be acquired from something external but is about the result of your very own inner development and clarity of consciousness. Therefore it is not through abilities or knowledge you have picked up from somebody else that you will become well again but purely through who you are, by the inner pathway you have followed.

What truly heals is Love. That is why nobody can really heal anyone else. Only you can heal yourself once you arouse the force of love abiding deep within you and is what frees you.

There is a great difference between curing and healing.
Curing is related to the application of remedies and implies solving any external problem that arises, rather like sticking a patch on a punctured wheel, applying a tourniquet on a snake bite or treating a tumor with chemotherapy. But all this is of no avail to avoid nails on the road or snakes in the jungle or the illness causing the tumour.

Healing is far wider and completer. Healing changes one´s life and frequently, but not in every case, spartks off a physical cure. When we heal we measure results by the increasing well-being, a feeling of peacefulness, strength and a sharing with all forms of life. When you get better you definitely rouse gaiety, the joy of living, and feelings of gratefulness in your heart and of helping others un-selfishly.

So healing or helping, basically, have nothing at all to do with particular gifts or knowhow learnt from books or courses, but rather stems from those values we humans love lost (sincerity, humbleness, purity, patience, tolerance, insight, intuition, generosity, gaiety…etc).

It´s no use having information, theoretic or intellectual knowhow if we do not fully understand the true nature of the laws of life and if we are not completely coherent with our very selves putting this into our daily practice.

The long lost art of foot washing is a means to self-healing allowing you to integrate the theoretical understanding of the laws of life but live them as a true experience.


Feet archive all the records and experiences of our entire existence, patterns, conduct, beliefs and at the same time all the faculties and human potencial are registered there. Through them we can work on purification and alchemy.

One could state that working with this forgotten art is a way that a person can obtain the purification of his mind, meaning leaving behind hate, fear, miserliness, bad will and giving rise to the presence of love, compassion and pureness in one´s heart. The purpose of this lost art is the essential healing of human suffering.

By massaging our feet we delve into memory and recorded experiences managing to move them along out to the present. In this way we have the opportunity to set up a new and correct learning from the traumatic experiences that brought about our suffering. At the same time this unclogs and opens the door to our self-knowledge, love, acceptation of ourselves and thus developing all our inner human potential and creativity. We also call it an “art” because it teaches us now to live and flow along in harmony with the laws of life, the law of love and all the greatest spiritual strengths of gratitude and altruistic service. Also because if you carry this out seriously and regularly with yourself you will discover your own truth which goes far beyond merely solving a physical or emotional problem.

This massage, or art of foot washing is not a religion or treatment but turns into a way of life. We realize that it really and truly is a pathway to self-healing. And because liberation lies in our very own hearts (not in adapting to any external power, anything supernatural or the like…) stirring up love through our feet we re-encounter our real selves and became vehicles of love and freedom.




There is really only one way out of ignorance and suffering lying in the development of our self-understanding.
Loving massage of our feet leads us to experience true liberation. With respect to the true healing of us human beings, LIBRE shares his veiwpoint of the basic principles after travelling over the years and sharing this “tool” in different places, schools of healing or spiritual currents.

As a researcher into sickness and suffering, over this period I have made great friends and met teachers of Yoga and Tai Chi etc. I realize that all these skills are fine but consider that there is a lack of the most fundamental which is FREEDOM from SUFFERING, the AWAKENING of CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE within us.

I have also met other doctors and therapists helping others but as they had not completed the task of their own inner purification their healing capacity was limited and they stayed with their patients problems and suffering building up tensions and rigidness in them.

I think that anyone dedicating himself to personal development should first of all heal himself. From here on he can offer real healing to others because one cannot give what one doesn´t have.
We have to cultivate within us what we wish to bestow on others. The medicineman has to take his own medicine.
On the other hand I have seen many people in search of knowledge travelling to India and Tibet, perusing scriptures and yet their hearts were closed. For all the knowledge they learned their daily lives were still full of problems and gaps.

For me awakening to knowledge and love, the universal pathway is united to noble deeds, I mean, complete deliverance and altruistic service to all. For other clever people I have met, this was only beliefs or delusions.

True knowledge dwells within each and every human being and to get there is no alternative but to go through PURIFICATION and the TRANSFORMATION of all our ignorance and suffering.
With these words I can tell you with utter conviction that here you have an instrument, an ancient art of liberation and compassion which from the dawn of time has wheeled over and over and passed through the hands of many sages and healers.
Now it´s ready for you and will take you to the great awakening of consciousness.
I am utterly convinced that in these times of great changes entailing new problems and illnesses, this awakening is needed by our planet and this will lead us to the healing of our very essence, the soul.
May all beings enjoy happiness!!




If this instrument has reached or is about to reach you it is important to understand certain things, fully understand how they work and what their purpuse is so that you can use them in the right way and thus obtain better benefits.

The long lost art of foot washing is a tool for self-healing and therefore requires a sincere, profound and whole-hearted commitment with oneself. We are about to treat with the liberation from ignorance and suffering which is so delicate.

This is for those who want to encounter happiness and freedom. Nobody can really do this for you, nobody else can heal you but only you, yourself can heal through your own self-understanding.

The forgotten art of foot washing is a pathway to personal overcoming and the aim is to heal the soul, the real problem of the human being.
It is very important to understand that the final goal is not to cure cancer, any illness or mental or emotional upset…etc…, although all this is often involved and intertwined, but rather as an instrument for you to know yourself and for you to learn to be a channel of love being your own master.

The aim of this art is also to have a useful tool we can give and receive between us, with our family and friends, helping us to heal through our self-knowledge.

As for bathing our feet the main aim is to reach our soul. With this sacred action we free ourselves of impurities and simultaneously harmonize with our energetic and emotional fields which previously kept us paralized, in bondage quite unable to progress due to fear, pain or suffering. For this reason it is a task of freeing and healing as well as a symbol of forgiveness and brotherliness.

Once you have carried out regularly this massage and have been purifying yourself is when you can come into contact with the other essential part of this skill which is that of disposing your own personal experience to the service of others, sowing seeds of freedom both for yourself and others.

Then you will be capable of carrying out altruistic acts and sharing your experience with others in need of tenderness who suffer for some reason or other.
Here we now explain a few situations where this technique can also help a great deal:

– the generally sick suffering from fibromialgia, alzheimer, chronique fatigue…, etc.

– people in mourning having lost a beloved

– doctors, nurses, therapists, ,psychotherapists, behindness, language problems,

– expecting women

– children and youngsters with different difficulties (behindness, language problems,

– children with psychique, physicial or sensorial problems

– the elderly

– people in coma or near death

– people suffering stress, anxiety or depression

– people involved in their personal development but are not satisfied with some
aspect of their lives and wish to expand their human and creative gifts.

At heart, this skill is not a treatment but a way of life that will help you to be conscious and fully in touch with your daily reality.

Although not a therapy it is psycotherapeutic. Through this labour we learn how to develop our common sense, avoid hurting others, help others, and cultivate thoughts and emotions based on love. Because of this it is a skill that can be incorporated by those living in brotherhood, those who follow no religious creed or maestro; those who quite simply traverse the universal pathway of love and compassion. This is the challenge of this art.

If you want to investigate and go deeper into the forgotten Art of Foot Washing the first thing you have to do is look purely at yourself to see if you are being truly honest and sincere with yourself in your self-searching and see what you are after in practising this foot massage and above all recognise if you really want to take full responsability for yourself and your life.


From my humble experience, which I believe common to all those whom we encounter along the way of this skill I can tell you that a couple of years ago I began to take part in spiritual kinds of courses.

I suppose I was looking for something to enrich myself as my life was unsatisfying then. From others point of view my life was perfect, a family, health, a job money… but I still felt I didn´t know where to direct my life and what was more important, I felt I wanted to do something that would satisfy me and give me a purpose in my life.

A friend who was working where Jose Luis was going to carry out a workshop told me about him and I decided to participate. I had no idea what it entailed nor what I was in for. The feeling I recall while sitting there listening to “LIBRE” is of happiness and satisfaction, as if I had found what I was looking for. Everything in which I had been believing over those last years seemed to materialize in “Libre´s” words. And I had the greatest of luck in my first session of activating the force of love receiving this through Jose Luis hands and to whom I will always be grateful for his crossing my path and giving me such a gift.

I have now been activating myself weekly over 10 months and my whole life has completely and utterly changed. Now I really feel I´m on  the way I wanted and not the path I had been made to follow. I realise it´s no easy way like most others as there are difficult stages where pain and our worst sides show up but if we know how to face up to them and be stronger than them we will have earned something priceless. We will live in love and what is even more important we have an instrument to help us grow free ourselves and it is now in our hands waiting for us to pass it on to all those who feel that something inside them is telling them something really great is about to reach them.

Manfred P.

I started practising with this skill a year ago. It has been a great lesson in discovering both the beautiful and the ugly parts of myself.
This  awakening of consciousness since then has brought about a change and made me think both about myself and others. I feel more united to mankind and at the same time I realise that the most essential thing for me is my inner peace and to love myself.
That´s  why I recommend this technique to all those I meet on my way. I offer massage to others and see deep changes in those who let themselves be activated. It´s  a great help to avoid succumbing to outside forces but to stick to one´s  own heart.
The magic of love heals everything.

Bertha´s  experience with a person in her final stage of sickness

I got to know “The lost art of foot washing” and massage in a workshop run by Toño in Mexico. Then I offered this to Consuelo, my sister, sick with cancer and she agreed. Due to a tumour on her tongue they amputated part of it and so she had to be fed through a tube.

She was in great pain so at least to get slight relief she was injected morphine. Pain was very severe and medicine only helped a little.
When I gave her this massage my sister liked it because she felt she was loved, accompanied and could rest from her pain.

I continued with her massage from may till she died in september 2006.
During all this time she was clear and fully conscious with no side-effects from morphine and in her last week she even managed with less morphine. Usually they gave her eight injections each day, then only three.
On her last day she stopped talking and seemed no longer to be with us here but nevertheless when I was close to her she said, “Please give me my injection for the pain and massage me”. And she got ready for me to do this.

I gave her the massage and she went back to sleep. This time she didn´t  wake up again and six hours after her last massage she stopped breathing to die in complete peace and tranquility. I have to add I too was at peace despite the pain.

Tere´s  experiences working with Greta, Alfredo and Betty:

Greta Araceli

Greta had a dangerous bout of peritonitis, a real emergency. Various organs became infected and she had no defences.
The day after admission to hospital her state was so serious there was little hope for her. She was in intensive care but four days after there was an opportunity to massage her feet and the very next day she recovered.

There was really no other opportunity to go to hospital to give her massage however her future husband was shown how to do it on her feet so he could continue with it and so he did.

Alfredo Marín

He was a general practicioner at first with one brain tumour and as time went by two others appeared. He underwent several operations to cut them out but one was impossible, embedded in a lobe and the extraction would totally affect his speech, balance and co-ordination. All these functions were affected as the tumour advanced. Dr. Marín was given foot massage for about a year.

I perceived something; although his illness continued advancing his feet felt-firmer and firmer as he received the weekly treatment whereas at the beginning his feet were very frail.

At the end of every massage session he would start to move his arms and legs feeling he was recuperating mastery of his movements and he expressed his well-being. One of the things he continously expressed was that with every massage he felt closer to God which comforted him.

He died of asphyxsia due to his lack of defences a kind of frothy cotton wool came out of his mouth and throat until finally bringing about his suffocation.

Marín repeatedly begged that they call us to give him massage in hospital but his family paid no attention to his wishes. I suppose they never really understood the skill thinking it would hold him back so their answer was that they didn´t  want him to suffer. At the end of the massage session (but not in the last ones) Marín preferred not to be helped walking; he could do it alone and his speech was more fluent. He himself said “you notice how my speaking is improving and how I can move better…”


A pedriatician had a stomach tumour, I´m  not quite sure where.  They said she had only 6 more months of life. I gave her massage over about 2 years, 8 years after the diagnosis. She was very strong as her children were really small then. Over all those years she was undergoing chemotherapy which exhausted her and reduced her defences even more.

With Betty the same thing happened as with Dr. Marín, her feet began to feel stronger and firmer. This is when I understood that her inner strength helped her do what she had to do before passing away and so follow her pathway with greater tranquility.

She mentioned how well and peaceful she felt with her massage even commenting how she was unable to sleep but after massage she really rested and slept placidly.
She mentioned how she felt energy running through her whole body.

I don´t  really know what else to tell you, it´s  very little compared to all the time I lived with them. I must say that all that time I was upset by her passing away as I felt endeared to her. However I am convinced that these people understood the meaning of this skill. All the time open questions were being solved. Just what or how I cannot tell. Probably they never reached full physical cure but they healed inside and made a great leap ahead. These two enjoyed their massage alone, their families backed them up but without becoming involved.

Nice´s  experience with Dr. Marín

My experience with foot washing practised with Dr. Marín was absolutely extraordinary taking into account the graveness of his tumour. Despite this how glad he was for his massage. It didn´t  matter if it was a sunday, his difficulties or the chemotherapy he had  to undergo he would change everything for his foot washing. One could see his eagerness both on arriving and leaving. He would become quite relaxed and then fall into deep sleep. He would wake up eager and full of life. The greatest improvement I saw in him was that calm way of looking at things, and his gratefulness to us for the help we gave him really impressed me as well as his focus on life and how he battled on despite cancer. He never gave up, was always grateful and I feel sure he died peacefully and happy despite his family´s grief.

Anonymous evidence

I´m  a woman who from the very first massage for my feet started to get down to work on a rape by one of my brothers. This is what was then stirred up and what I wanted to get off my conscience. I decided to carry out weekly massage and at the beginning I worked with such pain in my heart I felt I was tethered  by only a thread and it hurt a great deal.

It was just like before and my mind brought back to me that memory to be lived over yet again. But I set my hope on releasing myself from all that pain and went on working with my foot massage.  All the past claustrophobia emerged of that old trauma. When he would shut me in a room or cupboard.

At the same time whenever I remember being shut in I suffer from claustrophobia and fear. Nightmares came back to me and whenever I was alone with only men in my classes I really had to pluck up all my courage to teach my classes. I was really scared stiff if there were only men.

Little by little with this skill everything gradually changed, fears faded away and I regained self-confidence. In the most recent sessions I no longer undergo such deep crises nor react as I did at first and I realize that I´m  on a subtle task no longer swinging from one extreme to another in my feelings.

Actually I have used this massage on my sister who has set to work on all the blows received in a car accident 8 years ago. She tells me that each single massage is unique and she can sense her legs, spine and head… she says she´s  coming along very well.

What keeps me going is people´s  response, the love they feel towards themselves and how their way of thinking changes by the end of a session.
I´m  teaching it to some yoga students, my family and neighbours.

Thank you for teaching me this massage.


The best way of measuring whether someone is developing and growing with this personal task, is his gratitude and disinterested service to others.

There are two main ways of benefiting from practising with this skill:

A)   When working on our own illness, set back or blocks

This personal task helps one free from suffering and pain, even pain before birth when we work with pregnant women.

If we get down to work with children right from early childhood they can be set free from traumas and deep complexes much more easily than when adults and in this way we prevent illnesses creeping in in adolescence. All kinds of emotional suffering, blocks in studies, shame, uncertainties affecting us in our everyday lives, doubts and fears can be worked out.

It is also very important to work on people about to go into hospital or for surgery to avoid resistance and fear over the healing process.

It is suitable for those with alzheimer, memory loss, difficulties over the menopause so preparing them for these sorts of unbalance. By unblocking the psychosomatic roots all kinds of illnesses or serious problems are relieved.


It is a most useful technique when treating those in coma or ending life as it helps them understand their situation fully.

Those suffering depressive states can also be treated though as they are extremely delicate one should consult an expert.


When the mind is very unbalanced or is way out of touch with reality as in squizophrenia or suicidal tendences this tool should NOT be tried.

Once love awakens and the joy of living returns the patient is no longer “dead” and any disease, even the deepest, ceases to have any sense. On the other hand the use of this skill leads you within yourself and working seriously, purely and constantly over about 7 years the human being manages to awaken, converting himself to a vehicle of compassion and becoming the creator of a more constructive world. This is a pathway to real alchemy.

B)   When you share massage with someone not only do you help him to free himself from an emotion, blockage or fear but you yourself are breaking free. In a session caressing someone´s  feet you are given the chance to connect to peace, the very essence and the healing force of love.

When touching others´ feet, doing this wisely, conscientiously you connect to the knowledge of the whole Universe. On touching feet, the soul as it were, you make up with that person even if you previously considered them your “enemy”.

Working regulary with this art you become an apprentice to the real energy of the Universe. This skill is really a great master leading you deep into knowledge of life and all the great enigmas of mankind.

Of all the benefits leading you ahead connecting with wisdom one of the most important is that of altruistic service, in prisons, with abused children or those in the terminal phase of serious illness.



It has been wonderful seeing the flow of love so directly between our special children and the volunteers from the kiwani group to which I belong.

I´m  the tutor, together with another and two of our pupils between 10 and 15 years old with multiple discapacities.

In scarcely a few days an emotional link arose because of the direct communication channel, feet. Half-way through the week it seemed as if we had all been injected with love, life and happiness.

A few of the children showed little processes of liberation the following day only (tears, diarrhoea or epyleptic fits…) after which they were better tham ever, connecting and more communicative. Most of them were very eager for the arrival of the volunteers with genuine smiles, shouts and noises to welcome them even singing during their massage and at the end too.

We used to play the same cds and light incense for the activity.

As for the sessions I carried out I helped those who had missed it, absent or for lack of time. At first I realised they missed their usual massagist beginning with sticky or sweaty feet where energy circulates with great difficulty but finally ending feeling the softness of love´s  caress. These children are enormously sensitive, often smilingly closing their eyes.

I feel really great doing this and it strengthens  my relationship with them. As a teacher specialised in education for the handicapped I recommend this technique to all my mates. It is simple yet deep and only needs a weekly application. It is enormously effective, bringing a touch of meditation and tranquility even at stressful moments. It is a very valid tool.

Thank heaven for my school and kiwani for this experience and also so many gifts this year!!.




You can learn this in a workshop or encounter lasting about 7 or 8 hours more or less. This introduces you to the fundamental meaning of this task in purifying, self-healing and the massage technique so that later each participant can develop and practise this in his own life.

These encounters or workshops are given by qualified people with experience backed up from kiwani to transmit it with all the pureness and necessary essence. Whoeves is interested in learning this lost Art can find information in our email in “CONTACT” section.

A note from Toño:

Seeing what-has happened to all the true arts through history, adultered and manipulated by man´s  egoism and self-interest I have personally made the decision to try to preserve this sacred art as far as possible so that it may continue bestowing its riches on mankind. For this reason I propose to offer it to all society, transmit and teach it taking care to maintain its pureness just as LIBRE entrusted it to me.

I am conscious that this gem takes care of itself shining out of its own accord and that its essence is libety. At the same time it is the means of freeing all beings from suffering shared by all but belonging to noone specifically and on account of this has always to be at hand when any human may need it.

What I feel very important, both natural and necessary is that there has to be unity, order and a flow in the same direction, full respect for the basis and fundamental points LIBRE taught us so as to preserve this skill, transmit and cultivate it with the greatest coherence. In this way we honour it and avoid the manipulation of this jewel.

One fine day this beautiful skill reached muy life –a true master- and I feel responsable for its care. My committment to it and to LIBRE has been and continues to be pure, deep and sincere. My brotherhood with Jose Luis is written in my heart and actions.

From the very start he entrusted this skill to me with all his heart and shortly before leaving his earthly body he encouraged me and personally authorized me to continue this task and committment protecting and tending it to continue trasmitting it with all the pureness and wisdom lying within me.

On account of all of which and deeply grateful for all the benefits it brings me, I feel with all my heart the need to fulfill this responsability, as well as make all the essential, necessary decisions for the spreading of  “The Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

Let´s  take care of this jewel so that it may reach others maintaining its true essence. Although I am also aware that this may be very hard and complicated for others who could misinterpret or confuse all this.




A distinction has to be made between practice of massage on oneself and on others and also the passing on of this noble art in workshops. This last requires previous training.

When you assume the full committment to grow research and go deeper into this skill you are activating life within you day by day, week after week. You reach a pureness and wisdom that begin to form part of you and what is part of you is sacred, inviolable. One cannot lose it as it is not knowledge learnt and so cannot be forgotten.

Rather it is yourself transformed by your own life and experience. Thereforc what you can share with others, and the whole world, is your whole self.

The lost Art of Foot Washing is a pathway to self-development and as you work along with this foot massage humbly, sincerely, constantly, you will realise that you and the skill are one and the same. You become one with all the wisdom and love inside you through activating you feet and you can show all this.


For all we may want to spread this art we are not trained enough until we develop all our true virtues such as humility, sincerity, generosity, tollerance, gratitude, compassion… So we have to go on working on ourselves and with others till we become one with all pureness.

We have come across those who want to learn this art as if experimenting with it selfishly with putting their hearts into it. These lack the quality of gratefulness and respect for the “maestro” or the one who has tanght them the technique. These people are not ready till they develop gratitude and the will to serve this art.

Over the past, way back, these skills and sacred arts were passed down from master to disciple. True teaching was imparted in the presence of genuine, real, love and then the master gave himself to the disciple and the disciple to his “maestro” both melding together in one giving themselves up to its wisdom and skill.

Without  realizing an inner alchemy or arousing the energy of love we will lack pureness or knowledge enough to be able to pass on this noble art. So it´s  not enough to have all the best intentions to use this skill but also the wisdom to transmit it in the right way. This can only be as a result of an inner purification. Of no use are diplomas or a number of workshops or any kind of advertising, the one and only thing that counts is the sincerity and love in everything you do.

It should also be made clear that an instructor of this “tool” is neither a chosen or specially selected person, nor has a special diploma as “maestro”, guide or guru… but nevertheless has certain specific gifts to pass on this universal knowledge we all share within us and is for the well-being of all humanity.

A teacher in the foot-bathing art is not lead by his ego but by his inner research, knowledge, understanding and love. As we emphasized before the one and only thing helping in this is the love in all your actions. A real teacher or messenger in this  art has to continually work on himself humbly, sincerely and becoming an example in his life.

A teacher in the art of foot washing is not lead by his ego, his only letter of introduction is his life in the eyes of others. You will be able to receive his universal teaching without treating him as a special or outstanding being, without adoring, reverencing or having to follow him.

It´s  also essential to be aware that a true messenger of this art will never debase the knowledge received by changing or inventing variants from the original. The original teaching has to be passed on just as received with no distortion or devaluation. The true instructor will trasmit the skill to prepare freed beings, independent and responsible for themselves and with respect for their environment.

So anyone wishing to research and go deeper into the “Lost Art of Foot Massage” and wanting to transmit this in workshops will need to undergo serious work with the skill taking the following into account:

1.- Have taken part in at least one whole workshop in the art of foot washing with people backed up by “kiwani” and with the required experience.

2.- To have spent at least 3 years testing out the technique on himself weekly, continously, and thus acquiring benefits and merits. Also having shared this massage with others, giving and receiving and so becoming aware of how it works and its benefits

3.- Once one feels, at heart, that the time has come then one can contact the official e-mail website in “”CONTACT” section to be assessed  .

This is when doubts and questions can be cleared up and it can be decided whether or not a person is really ready to share and spread the technique learnt in workshops.



I was extremely lucky enough to take part in a workshop and masterclass and completely practical given by Jose Luis, also known as “LIBRE” in “Madre Tierra”.

As time went by I enjoyed the clear and simple way he expressed himself, his spontaneity and humility and sense of humour. I particularly noticed how he referred to both himself and others as “pathfinders”.

Libre´s  technique is basically manual but fundamentally orchestrated by a cool mind. To say it another way just as Tai Chi is a kind of meditation in movement the foot massage technique Libre teaches us, as far as the one massaging goes, is given in a meditative frame of mind. Whereas for his part the one giving works with no specific aim or target. The purpose is to keep a cool mind and warm heart and everything else will come about of its own accord.

Libre labels this tool as the “Forgotten Art of Foot Washing” through which we may achieve the following:

– arouse love in ourselves and the receiver

– awaken life within us

– Increase the individual´s  mental, physical and emotional harmony

– Ease suffering

– Meditate actively

All through the masterclass both as giver and receiver I can tell you how I felt specially at ease and identified myself with the method.

As a giver, in fact, for the very first time in my life I managed to keep my mind blank, totally and completely calm, serene and peaceful for more than forty minutes, living only in the here and now, the real present instant. And as a receiver I felt a great peacefulness and well-being.

To end with I´ll  leave you two of Libre´s  quotes I particularly like:

“When you change, the world changes”.

“A wizard is someone who transforms sadness to joy.”



The only way to assess the long lost art of foot washing is by means of your own experience and understanding.

It is a most wonderful and generous gem, worhy of full respect. For this reason it is essential that first of all you make use of it for yourself to heal yourself and fully understand this cure inside you and thus experience your own truth. From them on you can share this massage, when you really feel it, and with anyone who nedds it and asks you for it.

A decent person has to start by setting an example with his own life and try his medicine on himself  before sharing it with others. The rules of love are very clear so we cannot give to others what we ourselves are not able to give ourselves.

Everyone working with this art has to do it with pureness. Although we have ignorance and darkness inside us it is worthwhile working from the heart.
One has to respect oneself and avoid doing to others what you wouldn´t  like then to do you. We know how to put ourselves in others´ shoes.

If you work on this skill correctly, sincerely as taught in a workshop, day by day, benefits will come by helping you to  awaken love and consciousness. It will guide you to unite you to love and wisdom.

Once you are supplying yourself you already have an experience and know the process of how this art and medicine work inside you. On this account you have to fully understand that “The forgotten Art of Foot Washing” needs no promoting but your own example spreads from one to another, heart to heart.

It is a universal skill which has to be available to all who need it and can serve it with a pure heart, unselfishy, free from any personal or comercial interest.

When you encounter people showing interest in knowing this more deeply you can refer them to our contact form so they can receive all the orientation necesary from experienced people really committed and appreciating the method.

To conclude this section it has to be stressed that in the field of self-healing one must be fully aware of the ethics and intentions of the self-healer. If  someone is lacking in a receptive attitude, a noble and open heart, ready to believe in human values, free himself of old beliefs and re-align and educate old mental patterns then this tool is not apt for him.

It is fundamental that the healer dedicate himself to developing a high moral attitude, in a series of values rooted in a profound reverence for all forms of life within which he can cultivate the integrity to allow him t o develop his own spiritual gifts.

In this way we will contribute to the correct usage of this technique and not drop into playing at being healers or gods. We will stop preying on others´  energy even in the name of light and love, and avoid trasmitting toxic energies to others even with the aim to heal them. Above all we will avoid fooling ourselves or manipulating this sacred art.

All this because as we said before, what has really hurt the humanbeing comes from his soul. Only by curing your own soul´s  wounds will you learn to love yourself-and others. Once you fully understand what pain is then you will understand others´  pain. So you will end up by discovering that healing is a journey to be undertaken by each individual and not a process carried out by a healer.

If we really wish to undertake this and traverse the pathway of Love and Truth we must have clear sight and pure hearts.


Over the years along this pathway in different places we have come across people who after trying out this skill and even having worked with it for several years still haven´t  fully understood its essence and haven´t  worked on it with the pureness of purpose, or the constancy and weekly seriousness recquired all of which contribute to the very meaning and full understanding of  “The Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

Some of these people tried to transmit it without respecting the bases. Even in a few cases we have been able to detect their belief in certain creeds and other forms of healing so they were manipulating the true skill. On account of this one has to continue working pureness, ignorance, old dogmas till fully understanding humans´  true reality with no separation (religion, philosophy or sect).

This technique has nothing superfluous, nothing missing. It is simply just as it is and with that very same pureness as it was handed on to us so we too have to pass it on.



Hello there, my name is Tony and one of the most important days of my life was when I re-found “LIBRE” who in his turn entrusted me with a true jewel. From then on, this wakes me week after week and the art continues opening me up day after day furthering me along the way of love.

My whole life then changed completely. At that time I was full of sadness and emptiness within me and times were hard around me and with my family.
Inside me lay the sincere desire and to search for a way out of the situation. At those times when I felt so lost, frustrated, impotent was when I begged life from the bottom of my heart to show me the way to learn and love everything. Shortly after this life put Jose Luis “LIBRE” in touch with me. It was an encounter with a big brother and I can say that at his side I started to vibrate with love and compassion. With him I became witness to the world of magic and experienced what some philosophies and cultures mention, the myth of brotherhood and frienship among all mankind.

It was absolutely clear to me that my quest was totally genuine and the one and only thing I wanted was to connect to myself, pick up the reins of my life and cease being a prey to suffering.

So it was one fine day on leaving a meditation retreat where I had a profound experience, someone mentioned Jose Luis to me and told me he was a real master in that kind of meditation. I then wanted to share the experience I had just had and was given Jose Luis´ phone number so I could get in touch with him.

A few days after I got in touch with Jose Luis and went to see him at his home. On arriving I introduced myself as Tony and told him I was going to share my experience in the retreat. “Libre´s” first words were “Tony, you haven´t  come for that only but something even greater”. I didn´t  quite understand what he was getting at, but everything became clear later on.

From de very moment I set eyes on Jose Luis I felt deep in my heart that we already knew each other, and I was meeting up again with an elder brother. That day we shared a meal in his home and later he offered me a foot massage. I willingly accepted. There it was I felt the second great re-encounter of the day on receiving from “Libre´s”  hands this long Lost Art and feeling this foot massage that allowed me to feel the deepest of peace and connection within myself.

It is quite beyond words to express what I was then living and feeling. But I can affirm that from that moment on my searching ended as I had found what I had for so long been looking-for. From then on the most important journey of my life began, the journey deep inside myself.

This whole re-encounter came about in such a simple innocent yet magical and natural way. Shortly before meeting Jose Luis, in my searching I had planned travelling to India for at least a year but in the end it wasn´t  for me and I didn´t  carry out that trip…
Paradoxically what I was looking for thousands of kilometres away turned up almost on my doorstep. There was no need for me to go to India or elsewhere for what lay within me and could sense so simply through my own feet love.

I am most deeply grateful to Jose Luis and life for all the blessings I have always received.
That very same day after the massage Jose Luis asked me if I would like to help him at home and collaborate in the art of foot washing. Without a doubt I agreed and stayed on living beside him six years in his home in Kiwani, Galicia. I received this great boon he bestowed on me when allowing me to share so much and so many experiences.

Side by side with this exceptional being my life became the most extraordinary of adventures. Everything became full of life and colour and I felt myself in another dimension. Some time later I was able to understand what was going on and that I was throbbing in the dimension of pure brotherhood and love, living the simple day by day events alongside a great master and human being.

Week by week I began to receive the foot massage Jose Luis affered me in his home and which I reciprocally gave him every 7 days. That´s  how I began this practice. Later on we began to travel Spain sharing this skill and I was able to collaborate in the project and “kiwani association” as well as in the writing of  “The long Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

My committment to “LIBRE” and the technique has always been of the most complete and profound respect.
I am most profoundly grateful to “LIBRE” for all the tenderness and confidence he showed me as well as towards all those we met along the way.

From the start I have constantly practised this massage weekly and seriously and from then on results began to reach me day by day. It was a gradual process, the massage on my feet began silently, subtly but nevertheless deep within me. First of all I was becoming able to respect and love myself and appreciate every instant life offered me.
Of course there were very painful stages forming part of my awakening, all making me conscious of the pain and complexes inside me; I was freeing myself of guilt and breaking through the archetypes conditioning my mind and so stopping my being a victim to suffering.

With complete confidence in it I went on working with the skill, and the harvest yielded. Day by day my self-esteem flourished gathering greater strength inside me. I began then to learn to live in greater calm, observing more lucidly without judging. From here on I was more concious of the great gifts, opportunities and magical encounters life offered me. My heart was full of gratitude.
In all these re-encounters I saw myself reflected in each person and so understood what love really means and how often it is far from what we think it to be… and has nothing whatsoever to do with knowledge or beliefs.

The fruit of this personal task,  my relation to life and people is more respectful, deeper and kinder, foot caressing has shown me how to live in brotherhood. I have been able to share this massage wholeheartedly with many and also in various workshops with truly beautiful and enriching learning and experiences. From here I give thanks to all those I have met along the way, letting me wash their feet, share with them and go on growing. All of them have been great “masters”…

Of course, day after day, apprenticeship goes on… The pathway of love is endless and there is so much to learn from life. What is more it´s  not always so easy and colourful when sometines one sets up really difficult situations that can face one profoundly and only be observed by contually learning to further develop yet greater patience and still more tolerance etc… Above all this to be tackled with the clarity to understand and view it and free yourself with more love.

Every week is a challenge in my personal growth and I never cease to be surprised when I activate myself through my feet. Persevering, working with this massage I am able to go through different stages and levels of consciousness allowing me to know myself and life still more. Above all I have learnt to enjoy myself and my inner silence even more. This skill has helped me shake off and free myself from many heavy loads of pain and suffering and so I am able to live in greater harmony becoming freer and happier each day.

All this steady work with “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” has also lead me to develop an increased sense of gratitude in action, being able to help others disinterestedly. I have realised how often we lock ourselves inside us burying ourselves in our pain and problems and are unable to open our eyes and really see what is going on around us.

I have had the opportunity to share my experience and serve this foot massage in Mexico with people with different discapacities and I have worked with orphans and abandoned children living in the street and at great risk. A smile returned to their faces and some hope in their lives. When having their feeel bathed these children were freely able to express all the love in their hearts. They were my great teachers by allowing me to caress their feet and thus experience so much love and in a flash and without any words understand all the greatest truths.

On various occasions I have also been able to work on patients in the last stage of serious illness. A simple gesture or just one glance including your simple presence beside these people, caressing their feet at such a critical moment in their lives permitted me witness in person great transformations.

In some cases these people even came round from coma but most important of all with them was that unvaryingly they were in utter peace and I too was able to feel a profound communion and brotherhood.
Even in such difficult situations these were truly beautiful experiences filling me with clarity and gratitude, reminding me of the true meaning of life and who we are.

This technique is so powerful it´s  beyond words to describe so much magic. Hopefully more people will feel the need to delve inside and find themselves and have the chance to practice this massage with all sincerity and pureness so that all together we can make this planet more humane.

¡¡May all beings attain peace and happiness!!



In this section we set out to clarify certain misunderstandings arising over time on the spreading and sharing of this sacred skill. Most of this has been the result of personal interest and the lack of brotherliness, wisdom and love of a few. Each individual has made his own interpretation of the technique seeing it through varied coloured lenses, distorting and creating certain problems and inconveniences for those carrying out good work in serving and delivering this skill.

Take into account that in Spain and Mexico, at times there have been those who have introduced “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” with no basic knowledge, but only presenting it to further their interests, even commercial.

Sometimes after participating in one or more workshops on “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” a few with no deeper knowledge of themselves or the technique have begun imparting workshops. In some towns these have been carried out disrespecting the bases and without the essential preparation and more over where other techniques or spititual beliefs have been detected.

All this creates tremendous confusion and the loss of the essence of the technique when some believe they know the sacred art of foot washing when this is really not so. We have perceived that these people have not fully understood the end or essence of this self-healing technique filling their minds with other information and their hearts with selfishness.

Anyone practising this massage seriously should really try it on himself and those around him in the first place and continue for at least three years assiduously so to experience its own truth and discover how the technique affects him inside.

It´s  important to be responsable in the choice of whom you work with and research deeply. Dealing with feelings, suffering and other people´s  emotions is something very serious so if you want to learn how to practise this art it´s  important for you to do this through experienced people.

Always bear in mind that it´s  one thing to treat yourself and in exchange massage others and quite another to dedicate yourself to teaching workshops.

It´s  most important not to transmit “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” giving courses without previous essential training. Showing others without full knowledge could turn out to be a double-edged sword  debasing the art hurting both oneself and the patient who could become confused or even lost. For this reason it´s best to invite these people to get together for a workshop directed by someone already specialized.

On the other hand we are aware of, and grateful to, all the noble persons and those who have understood the “tool” and are carrying out a fine job with it, both in their own personal task practising with pureness on themselves and also sharing it with their families and close friends open to try and to experience the benefits.

We gratefully acknowledge all these sincere people their collaboration with “kiwani” and also for respecting “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” and showing the way orientating others.




It is said that this marvellous jewel came down from the sky and that the stars generously sent it down to the heart of the Earth where its seeds multiplied and spread to all corners of the planet ending up in the hands of noble, decent, honest people amongst whom were various sages, wizards, chamans and “maestros”.

History has it that the very first place where it was investigated and practised seriously was in the Far East specifically China.

Different holistic doctors and sages worked with it and rumours say this took place during the golden age of celestial mankind.

In India there is also great reverence for the guru´s  feet or the deities feet although all this became a mere ritual so losing the essence and brightness this gem entrained.

Also in Siberia when visitors arrived it was usual to receive them by washing their feet as a gesture of brotherhood, welcome and well-earned rest.

In Greek medicine feet are also bathed in water with coloured essences according to the case treated.

In America Toiteque sages decreed that the human being was a sphere or “body of light” that whilst growing and matierializing its thoughts (creating a frigid mind) it lost its halo of light except in our feet. So through them it´s  possible to connect once more.

The Egyptians showed the way to the iniciated in their pyramids and with all this the  worldwide essenian culture.


The Hopis and other red-indian tribes also held various different teachings about feet, but always relating this to the soul, the connection between Man and the Earth.

Later on copts, israelites, arabs, monks and even the middle ages when king Louis of France used to bathe his subjects´ feet as a symbol of brotherliness service and submission. The original expression “at your feet” in Arameo really refers to the soul. And so we could go on quoting different stories and legends relating feet to the spirit and liberation.

From here on various sages and prophets practised the art of foot-caressing. These were well-versed in compassion beyond any dogma, sect or religion yet leaving us with the message: “only inner truth will make you free…”

Right now we are many working and researching on our feet.



Here are some evidences from people who have encountered this skill and would like to share their experiences with us. Each one perceives and experiences their transformation in a particular way but all of them flow in one and the same direction, the pathway to awakening, compassion and love.


My re-encounter with this “tool” came about at a time of desperation when Gerard, my son, was diagnosed as suffering from “irrational halucinations and compulsive obsessions and was put on to psychiatric medication. He was even given botox injections in his face. I realized that this was harming him as he still remained aloof.

Fortunately this didn´t  continue too long because when he was given foot massage I saw a beam in his eyes such as I´d not seen for years and he smiled with enthusiasm and tranquility. That was when I wanted to find out what it was really about and test it on myself and the whole family.

Over time we have all tried it with surprising results. I discovered that it´s a wonderful way of love, one of the most perfect ways to show and transmit love. My children have changed in many ways, in their self-assurance, ability to make decisions, gaiety and even their studies. Our family harmony is steadily improving and we have learnt to respect each other.

As for my husband, Nice, where before there was a failure in communication and a lack of a good relationship it is astounding how all this has improved.

I´m  not too sure if  he´s  aware of this but the change has come about progressively and Nice participates regulary in our children´s  massage.
As you may already know, I´m  a psychologist and had been consulting for 10 years on end, I did what I knew about but always felt it was not enough, that there must be something more that would really get to the roots of suffering. What I did wasn´t enough despite putting my whole self into it. I tried therapy going from one type to another until I came on this technique. This is the only one that none of the others gave me for years: peace, joy, self-knowledge understanding, uprooting suffering, great comprehension…etc.

The understanding took its time but the evidence was there. It turned out I was seeking out the logical part till I realised that what I had studied before wouldn´t  fit in to what I was really looking for.

I feel so fortunate, so happy that my children will experience genuine liberty in their lives, and just hope when they really are, facing up to life´s  and just hope when they come to the end of their road they will find out who they really are, facing up to life´s  challenges in a mature way. I will never stop and believe both myself and my husband will go on sharing our massage us we now have something really priceless in our hands.

Touching feet is wonderful and this also occurred  with my parents. It was a most fortunate experience, furthemore it helps understand, and I don´t  know quite how, but my relationship with my parents improved. Happenings, situations get healed. How exactly I can´t  tell but they get better together. One touches  the very soul of people, the most pure of of them and this must be done will full respect and gratefulness.

One has to underline that occasionally there is suffering in foot washing but nevertheless I know it to be just one firm step in progressing to liberty. I have  discovered both the black and white sides of myself and have accepted myself just as I am and have been. This “tool” has helped me not judge others or myself.


As for me foot washing has been a completely unique experience. You pick up the reins and get  feedback about yourself. You feel fully responable for your life, you programme yourself, and forget low self-esteem. You go ahead to define and to finish things and see the problems with a different touch and from another point of view. Sometimes you feel so well you get a high rise and feel the urge to help your friends and relatives. It´s  a “tool” of love to tackle everything you want to improve or find a solution to.


My name is Susana and tonight with my heart overflowing with gratefulness I would like to share my experience, this astounding re-encounter with foot bathing.

In 2007 I arrived at a consultancy with my now dear Tutuy who began to penetrate me with so much love. I began with a clinical history of extremely high endiometriosis all set for third time surgery on cancerous cells. Twice a week I went for acupuncture sessions which helped me a lot reducing bleeding and pain.

One fine morning in 2008 I stopped, facing my mirror, completely nude and saw my own reflection as a cry of pain, impotence and at the same time so much love awaiting a better tomorrow. I said to myself  “there will be no third operation”. I have to find out the origin of so much pain. At that so very painful moment I prayed to God and Life that I might be allowed to fully understand and share real Love with all the energy beating inside me. The power to share this same wavelength beyond the social circle in which I found myself. I was no longer interested in belonging to a materialistic circle causing me so much pain.

Faced by my impotente to help whom I loved, I felt the most terrible guilt, feeling I was responsable for others´ misery, converting this into my own misery, others´ pain into my pain and their fears into mine!!
That is when I began to punish myself feeling I was not woman enough. I allowed myself to be raped accepted maltreatment, unfaithfulness and so many tricks…

There I was on my knees before so much ignorance and a soul worn out begging for love. I realized I could rescue no one, true love is not for begging it simply turns up, is shared and flows on.

I asked myself where I´d  gone wrong, in what I was mistaken and received the answer “in having given all you had”. What a great gift!! That day looking at my own reflection I was able to see beyond that miserableness and on to the grandeur of my Being.
A deep nostalgia rose within me and at the same time strength encouraging my confidence.

The following week Tutuy, my friend, invited me to the workshop on “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” and looking at me so deeply and sure added “in this workshop there´s  a message specially for you”. That same day I received my first massage from Tutuy. What a subtle and loving massage, a liberation my soul hungered for pain on pain, then all of a sudden deep peace and I was floating, drifting harmoniously.

The workshop was going to begin on April 13 th, 2008, and I was on my way there with a beating heart. I said to myself  “your life is about to change” and the closer I drew the harder my heart beat and the surer I felt.

Exactly, on going through the door the first thing I felt was that I´d  already been there, that was my world, I had no need to bother about others´,  I was with them, I had arrived and need search no further.

There was Tony washing feet, he looked at me full of love, peace, light, truth and innocence… a  true communion with my Being. Receiving foot washing was a re-encounter with this noble art. The greatest present life had ever given me just in one day. The love shared by all those in the workshop, Tony´s  words ringing in my soul. I received this massage from Tony´s  hands and felt how our souls merged together in love and respect.

Many deeply buried unconscious memories surfaced and became conscious. So deep was my pain I couldn´t  hold back my tears, so much pain and burning sadness…and then I saw the most beautiful colours, shining out with love.

When the workshop was over I felt liberated, light, more aware and very happy. From that day on everything changed. Life is constantly changing but I found it hard to dare make difficult decisions. I began to give myself massage week after week, observing, patient, alert, with no special intention but just as Tony had transmitted it to me. At the end of my massage I felt it a pity, like “I´ve  got to wait seven more days till the next time…”

I began to realise I wasn´t  lost, first I had to look more closely at myself without judging so as to learn to appreciate and value myself and grow stronger. I went through profound healing crises and the more painfu they were a stronger urge grew to drive me ahead and persist. My conscience said, “Go for it, go on you´re  going the right way”.

6 months went by and I went to the gynecologist for my check up. The blood tests were normal and there was no sign of the cysts or miomas.
Both the doctor and I were amazed “what have you been up to?” , he asked, I said I was giving myself a self-healing massage and having acupuncture. He smiled back at me “go ahead with what you are doing”.

Noticing so many changes I was even more motivated to follow on and felt stronger and happier. I began to see the connection between my conscience and unconsciousness. I was dead scared of fear, heights paralysed me and I avoided lifts. I observed the beauty of the sea but once in the water I trembled with fear, I wanted to swim yet at the same time was paralyzed. I was scared of being shouted at and was paralyzed if I had to give an opinion or make something clear. If  I was physically hurt and wanted to defend myself I was completely paralyzed.

As I started to find the connection between my conscience and subconscience I saw how the subconscience sent signals to the conscience and made them visible. Sometimes during or following foot massage, sometimes awake, other times in dreams so it was I began to realize that this technique works from the deepest subconsciousness, moving the roots, sending signals to our conscience which in turn becomes yet more conscious to notice this. That is where we have the chance to size up what we want to correct or decide about what had influenced us in the past or understand now in the present and let it go.

I was aware that my thoughts should be coherent with what I say and do. So little by little I began to express myself as before then I had felt ashamed that I was unable to express my feelings. Workings with this noble art I learnt the beauty of inner silence which at times made people joke about me. It´s  not always necessary to use words for communication, words fall short in an act of love. So I understood the price of my silence. Recognizing my real self I woke up from the ignorance I had been living in, preserving my innocence and appreciating the pureness of my Being and of life.

So I screwed up my courage and closed the chapter of my life that had harmed me so much and I learned to respect myself and say “that´s  enough”, up to this point and no further. I no longer depended on anyone else.

I´m  no longer scared of lifts and I even went up to the summit of a mountain without getting transfixed. I enjoy Nature´s  beauty and can also float, enjoiying water.

From 2008 Tony invited me to participate in various workshops in different Mexican cities and I have enjoyed the happiness of going with him on several occasions, which has enormously enriched me and I have been able to closely live with so many hearts searching for liberation.
Every single workshop is a gift full of great surprises and I mean surprises because nothing is expected in exchange and what is received never ceases to amaze me . It´s  a “tool” for everyone although not all of us are really ripe for opening up to love.

That is how I opened my heart, found my own balance and could look towards who truly loved me. The little pathways of love lead us on to the great way of love and so I found my true love.

When we are willing to open our hearts and carry out this humble foot massage respectfully and with all our love, everything changes for the better. Calm falls after the storm. It is quite clear to me that if we put our hearts into it we will receive love but if we prefer to be unhappy that is what we will find in our lives.

Tony and I go along serving and collaborating with the “Metamorphosis” society which works with children in the street, urchins with some physical limitations. Following their foot bathing these kids sang, chattered, laughed or cried…all this from the depths of their hearts, hearts unlimited for feeling.

Many thaks to all those who have allowed me to bathe their feet: people suffering from cancer, coming out of coma, pregnant women who today have healthy  children, really lively, people who have freed themselves from tumours and avoided cancer. People who have received massage previous to surgery and have awakened more aware and with less pain-people who before massage hardly laughed, others who on taking a look at themselves, got scared by this massage and had left it aside or others who after some time picked it up again. Thanks to all of you who have allowed me to wash their feet.

Washing my parents´  feet and Tony´s  aware of all their love-those who gave me a solid base to walk ahead in love. It´s  a blessing, they taught me how to walk and now I´m  bathing their feet.
Also washing my brothers´ and nephews´ feet, friends´ and Tutuy´s  who taught me so much.

A few month´s  ago my Dad couldn´t  get up because of a prostate problem which had worsened over the years. He was in severe pain but asked me to bathe his feet.

For 5 years he had only watched me give massage. What a wonderful present!! He disliked having his feet touched but after I washed them he was able to get up and walk and was in less pain. Now he asks us for his weekly massage, sometimes by Tony, others by me and says he feels far better.

I didn´t have the opportunity to know “LIBRE” in person but his heritage reached my heart through Tony. Thankyou “LIBRE” and thanks Tony for being a wayfarer who at every step you take leaves permanent footprints along the way of love. Thanks for going at my side and me beside you. I changed and everything around me began to change. I forgave myself for allowing so many things in my life and I have forgiven those who hurt me on account of their ignorance and lack of love. I have learnt to respect myself. I have so much to share, my outlook has broadened, is full of colour, strength, peace in my soul. True love allows us to think from the heart, speak from the heart and act from the heart. Only to be encountered deep within us and I have opened up fully to love and am so happy.


Foot bathing and massage? What can I say? For me it means a return to happiness. This task allows me to live and feel forgivenesss, live without anguish, loosen those knots in my throat and feel the joy of return home inside me.

Of course this whole process wasn´t  momentaneous nor did it happen overnight. For over about 2 years and I half  I´ve  been working with this “tool” and what I have had to re-live has not been easy because I have had to face up to all the suffering, fears, nightmares and claustrophobia… and physically, tumours, depression, countless problems with my throat and asthma attacks.

Every act has its consequence, an apprenticeship, though I don´t  fully understand it. I´m only 35 and without hurrying am going to take my time.

My blockages and instability were in many parts of me but I´m  persevering and attaining something one can only understand and feel when experiencing it.

I haven´t  won the battle yet because all this began when I was a little girl and fear built up as a great rampart one could neither get round or jump over.
Within me I was praying to life and my prayer was answered and I took part in one of  Tony´s  workshops.

I got to understand this massage and said to myself,  “I´ll  keep this for the rest of my life”.  I went on to receive a weekly session, sometimes I was on the point of giving up but usually before the 7th day things cleared up and one secmed to understand more. Although I had many doubts I resolved them on my way and gaining assurance in what I was doing.

My favorite part of this thecnique is when the massage is over and one can practise compassion.
Try it out for at least one year being constant and open-minded, aware of every little transformation however tiny it may seem… and then you will be sure you are not wasting time and gaining such a lot within you.

Thank you Jose Luis, thank you Tony.


All I want to do is just share from deep inside me what this noble art has given me . Both my mother and grandmother always told me everything takes its  own time and happens at the right-moment. Today I fully understand these words because that´s  just now the magical book on “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” fell into my hands.

I am lovingly grateful to Angelica, my aunt and godmother, who gave it me as a present at exactly the right point in my life. Several months had to go by before I opened it for the first time and set out on a way full of wisdom, understanding and love.

As I went on reading something beyond explanation began to stir inside me and my conscience woke up; deciding me to try it on myself. So I contacted the e-mail website and Tony recommended someone able to apply the massage with all pureness.

Susy with all her most noble essence was who touched my feet with no reserves and from that very moment something in my most innermost depths awakened and I felt how I was filled with light, love, consciousness, wisdom, and reached the point of feeling how energy was moving around inside me. As the weeks, months and to date 4 years have gone by this foot massage has been the most precious gift that I had unconsciously been searching for. I have always known we all have a mission to carry out in this life and this noble art has allowed me to recognize and acknowledge with love everything I do day by day to make my dreams come true-Every single massage is unique and allows us know who we are, where we come from and where we are heading for.

I could tell you so many things but none will be equal to the breadth your experience and perception can give you at the instant you take on to live it. What I really want to share is that we should never forego the joy of living according to Nature´s  laws, recognizing the true love lying within us.

Patricia A.

I picture myself now as a “butterfly” because before I had my feet bathed I saw myself as a sad, repressed, dependent little caterpillar full of blame and fear.

Before, I thought and believed freedom depended on factors and conditions outside me. I was a tireless explorer but now I´ve  discovered this treasure I realize that instead of travelling to India or asking others like chamans, gurus, or  “maestros”…

I have found peace and joy through this wonderful technique and a strength of spirit in my own Being.

Week after week I experience great changes at physical, mental and emotional levels and for all this give thanks to the Great Spirit as my heart heals with love.

Now I understand that true LIBERTY is a state of consciousness that starts as a personal labour when we pick up the reins and take full responsability for what happens in our lives.

The “Magic Wand” as LIBRE calls it is bringing about my transformation and alchemy and I invite each and all of us to take care of this and defend and protect it through hard work and so with many hands it may reach others, bearing, love, peace, goodwill and freedom all over the world.

Thank you LIBRE, thank you Tony.


This technique awakens the divine spark in my Being and I have discovered that in my dedication lies the essence. If  I give the best of myself then I liberate myself. Finding the Divine and recognizing it by feeling it through others is the greatest thing that could ever have happened to me.

This weekend I gave this massage to a friend and it has been truly healing. Sometimes I feel the presence of beings full of light or Jesus´ working through my hands. It´s  so beautiful. What I really feel is beyond words as if I were linking to part of myself longing to be aroused.
God is great and I deeply love Him.

Thank you “LIBRE” for your contribution to Mankind.


“Kiwani” friends, my name is Rafael and I work as a carpenter. At the same time I am also a seeker, a pilgrim on the pathway of life, like all of us, at a given point I needed answers to those questions nagging us from the deepest part inside us: “what is the purpose of life? Who are we and what are we doing here on this planet with this wonderful opportunity given us in this life?” I came on all the uncertainties after experiencing my own dis-satisfaction and physical suffering, unable to understand the crazy world created by our collective unconsciousness and having gone through all kinds of emotional, physical and spiritual breakdowns.

As I was saying, before I met this technique, my life was like a castaway living the risk of sinking and ignoring where to set foot.

Then one fine day “The Book of Life” came my way written by some wizards with whom as time went by I got to know and with whom I could share this iniciatic implement, the sacred Art of foot-bathing.

Today, almost one year later I would like to give witness of my experience, show how my awakening came about and how I´m  finding answers to those doubts now being unveiled inside me, now having a greater understanding of the mystique of Life, and finding replies to all the demands of the soul all of us need when we reach the moment of maturity.

After activation, bathing my feet, maybe I´m  still a castaway but now with his boat and a pair of oars, wisdom and compassion, which have brought me round so as to be skipper and pilot of my life. Of course there´s  no need to tell you it´s  not all a path of roses and there are still upheavals, whirlpools, storms and gales shaking me up from time to time.

That´s  how life is when there´s  something to tell you. It´s perfectly normal in any healing  therapy, a so-called healing crisis. It´s  rather like taking the scab off a poorly healed wound to clean it up and help it heal properly. It´s not what we like most but as in any way of human self-development or healing one just has to be constant, patient and brave enough to cross the heart´s  threshold.

This sacred art of bathing feet gives me the feeling of being the key to a second birth to the spirit, wisdom and understanding of ourselves to become new beings through the magic of love just as a great “master” of our age once said “don´t  fill new wineskins with old wine because the skin will break”. We are the wineskin and the old wine our old patterns, fears, uncertainties to which we are stuck from the very moment our mother´s  womb opens, lifts the veil and we come to see the light of life.

This technique offers a second birth to the spirit and the divine spark inside us.
Comparing this “tool” with any other therapy helping and stimulating our physical bodies, this is a means to stimulate our Soul. It´s  like a dialogue between souls for healing. Here I´d  like again to refer to that master when they asked him: “Rabí, how can we heal our bodies?” and he replied, “How can you heal your body without first healing your Soul?”.

This is my testimony, the message I would like to leave for all who gather to practise this skill constantly and courageously. I encourage you to try it out and compare for yourselves where and how to discover the treasure all of us have buried inside us.




One fine day “LIBRE” and a group of close friends working and researching “the lost art of foot bathing” gave birth to an association under the name of  “kiwani” in order to protect and spread the knowledge of this skill working with badly treated women and those with serious terminal illnesses.

This association no longer exists officially though the close group of friends continues committed in the undertaking of this work and have spread the knowledge of this skill giving workshops in  Spain, México and the U.S.A.

Kiwani is the name of a Lakota Sioux indian chaman meaning “the one who awakens” which is why “LIBRE” chose the name, as the skill he gives us to share deals with the great awakening our our conscience.



How can I tell if I´m ready to practise the lost art of foot bathing?

What is most important is that you are sincere and honest with yourself in your quest. If you want to rid yourself of suffering and develop all your inner potential and are disposed to undertake a serious commitment practising this skill continously then you can carry out a deep labour of purification and transformation. Love´s  very own intelligence will guide you and strengthen you with courage on your way.

Where are workshops on “The Lost Art of Foot washing” run?

Generally these courses are arranged in various towns or places where they ask us (eg Yoga centres or other places…) and occasionally where the instructors run them.

How long does a workshop take?

Normally from about 9.30 or  10.30 am. Ending at about 19 pm. It is essential that each participant stays on from the beginning to the end to receive all the teaching.

May I use a tape recorder or camera in the workshop?

No this is not allowed.

Where can I get the books on “The Lost art of foot washing”?

Right now these books are only offered to people who attend a course and seriously commit themselves to the technique so that they can use them to back themselves up. This is the real motive they were written for though the skill was also made known in different places and shops.

Is it possible to carry out this massage on alcoholics or the mentally sick?

The only exceptions where this massage is not recommended is with seriously mentally sick patients eg those with schizophrenia, paranoya, or alcoholics. In cases of psychiatric disorders and loss of reality it is not advisable as it could be too upsetting. In all these cases it is best to consult more specialised people in this skill to receive orientation.

To take part in a workshop on “The Lost Art of Foot Bathing” should one have any technical knowledge about healing or anatomy?

No, it´s  not necessary. It´s  a universal tool and anyone sincere, open-minded and willing to grow as a human being taking on full responsibility for himself and his surroundings, is welcome.

Is it right or not to charge for the lost art of foot bathing?

Since our “Kiwani” experience and as for the workshops on the technique we should make quite clear that from the start both during “Libre´s” time in Spain and Tony´s  in Mexico the workshops have always been offered altruistically. Freeing from suffering and the value of liberty is priceless.

In the talks in the workshops, demostrating and sharing this massage many participants weren´t  really into it but were there for fun and a good time and that way didn´t  really take in the skill or not appreciating it or giving it its due importance.

When you are given a present without earning it by paying for it by your own effort, you don´t  value it and on the contrary when you earn something by your own effort and sweat, the appreciation is quite different.

There were even people who let us places but who spent their time collaborating in preparing workshops and we were faced with a situation in which participants at these meetings didn´t  pay back to cover the minimum expenses for letting us the places… etc. So we saw how many who were motivated and open to service became frustrated.

In our experience with workshops on this “tool” we realice that generally, but with some exceptions, people don´t  have a  true sense of generosity and gratefulness, being unaware of the expenses caused by having to travel, transport and lodging…etc.

On account of all this and up to now we decided to charge a reasonable price for workshops. Thanks to these economic resources generated by the “tool” it has been possible to continue its spreading seriously to other places and people.

As for massage practice outside workshops we generally offer this altruistically to all who need it and ask us for it whole heartedly although we are willing to accept any voluntary contribution. Only very exceptionally when really necessary do we ask for collaborations.

Further clarification, the essential thing is not whether you put a price on this massage but your attitude and nobleness on serving it. Although it-s no “tool” to be commercialized it is important you value it. So each person must decide its value and right price according to his heart and conscience or whether he wants to share it unselfishly or through some sort of exchange.