There is really only one way out of ignorance and suffering lying in the development of our self-understanding.
Loving massage of our feet leads us to experience true liberation. With respect to the true healing of us human beings, LIBRE shares his veiwpoint of the basic principles after travelling over the years and sharing this “tool” in different places, schools of healing or spiritual currents.

As a researcher into sickness and suffering, over this period I have made great friends and met teachers of Yoga and Tai Chi etc. I realize that all these skills are fine but consider that there is a lack of the most fundamental which is FREEDOM from SUFFERING, the AWAKENING of CONSCIOUSNESS and LOVE within us.

I have also met other doctors and therapists helping others but as they had not completed the task of their own inner purification their healing capacity was limited and they stayed with their patients problems and suffering building up tensions and rigidness in them.

I think that anyone dedicating himself to personal development should first of all heal himself. From here on he can offer real healing to others because one cannot give what one doesn´t have.
We have to cultivate within us what we wish to bestow on others. The medicineman has to take his own medicine.
On the other hand I have seen many people in search of knowledge travelling to India and Tibet, perusing scriptures and yet their hearts were closed. For all the knowledge they learned their daily lives were still full of problems and gaps.

For me awakening to knowledge and love, the universal pathway is united to noble deeds, I mean, complete deliverance and altruistic service to all. For other clever people I have met, this was only beliefs or delusions.

True knowledge dwells within each and every human being and to get there is no alternative but to go through PURIFICATION and the TRANSFORMATION of all our ignorance and suffering.
With these words I can tell you with utter conviction that here you have an instrument, an ancient art of liberation and compassion which from the dawn of time has wheeled over and over and passed through the hands of many sages and healers.
Now it´s ready for you and will take you to the great awakening of consciousness.
I am utterly convinced that in these times of great changes entailing new problems and illnesses, this awakening is needed by our planet and this will lead us to the healing of our very essence, the soul.
May all beings enjoy happiness!!