The best way of measuring whether someone is developing and growing with this personal task, is his gratitude and disinterested service to others.

There are two main ways of benefiting from practising with this skill:

A)   When working on our own illness, set back or blocks

This personal task helps one free from suffering and pain, even pain before birth when we work with pregnant women.

If we get down to work with children right from early childhood they can be set free from traumas and deep complexes much more easily than when adults and in this way we prevent illnesses creeping in in adolescence. All kinds of emotional suffering, blocks in studies, shame, uncertainties affecting us in our everyday lives, doubts and fears can be worked out.

It is also very important to work on people about to go into hospital or for surgery to avoid resistance and fear over the healing process.

It is suitable for those with alzheimer, memory loss, difficulties over the menopause so preparing them for these sorts of unbalance. By unblocking the psychosomatic roots all kinds of illnesses or serious problems are relieved.


It is a most useful technique when treating those in coma or ending life as it helps them understand their situation fully.

Those suffering depressive states can also be treated though as they are extremely delicate one should consult an expert.


When the mind is very unbalanced or is way out of touch with reality as in squizophrenia or suicidal tendences this tool should NOT be tried.

Once love awakens and the joy of living returns the patient is no longer “dead” and any disease, even the deepest, ceases to have any sense. On the other hand the use of this skill leads you within yourself and working seriously, purely and constantly over about 7 years the human being manages to awaken, converting himself to a vehicle of compassion and becoming the creator of a more constructive world. This is a pathway to real alchemy.

B)   When you share massage with someone not only do you help him to free himself from an emotion, blockage or fear but you yourself are breaking free. In a session caressing someone´s  feet you are given the chance to connect to peace, the very essence and the healing force of love.

When touching others´ feet, doing this wisely, conscientiously you connect to the knowledge of the whole Universe. On touching feet, the soul as it were, you make up with that person even if you previously considered them your “enemy”.

Working regulary with this art you become an apprentice to the real energy of the Universe. This skill is really a great master leading you deep into knowledge of life and all the great enigmas of mankind.

Of all the benefits leading you ahead connecting with wisdom one of the most important is that of altruistic service, in prisons, with abused children or those in the terminal phase of serious illness.



It has been wonderful seeing the flow of love so directly between our special children and the volunteers from the kiwani group to which I belong.

I´m  the tutor, together with another and two of our pupils between 10 and 15 years old with multiple discapacities.

In scarcely a few days an emotional link arose because of the direct communication channel, feet. Half-way through the week it seemed as if we had all been injected with love, life and happiness.

A few of the children showed little processes of liberation the following day only (tears, diarrhoea or epyleptic fits…) after which they were better tham ever, connecting and more communicative. Most of them were very eager for the arrival of the volunteers with genuine smiles, shouts and noises to welcome them even singing during their massage and at the end too.

We used to play the same cds and light incense for the activity.

As for the sessions I carried out I helped those who had missed it, absent or for lack of time. At first I realised they missed their usual massagist beginning with sticky or sweaty feet where energy circulates with great difficulty but finally ending feeling the softness of love´s  caress. These children are enormously sensitive, often smilingly closing their eyes.

I feel really great doing this and it strengthens  my relationship with them. As a teacher specialised in education for the handicapped I recommend this technique to all my mates. It is simple yet deep and only needs a weekly application. It is enormously effective, bringing a touch of meditation and tranquility even at stressful moments. It is a very valid tool.

Thank heaven for my school and kiwani for this experience and also so many gifts this year!!.