In this section we set out to clarify certain misunderstandings arising over time on the spreading and sharing of this sacred skill. Most of this has been the result of personal interest and the lack of brotherliness, wisdom and love of a few. Each individual has made his own interpretation of the technique seeing it through varied coloured lenses, distorting and creating certain problems and inconveniences for those carrying out good work in serving and delivering this skill.

Take into account that in Spain and Mexico, at times there have been those who have introduced “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” with no basic knowledge, but only presenting it to further their interests, even commercial.

Sometimes after participating in one or more workshops on “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” a few with no deeper knowledge of themselves or the technique have begun imparting workshops. In some towns these have been carried out disrespecting the bases and without the essential preparation and more over where other techniques or spititual beliefs have been detected.

All this creates tremendous confusion and the loss of the essence of the technique when some believe they know the sacred art of foot washing when this is really not so. We have perceived that these people have not fully understood the end or essence of this self-healing technique filling their minds with other information and their hearts with selfishness.

Anyone practising this massage seriously should really try it on himself and those around him in the first place and continue for at least three years assiduously so to experience its own truth and discover how the technique affects him inside.

It´s  important to be responsable in the choice of whom you work with and research deeply. Dealing with feelings, suffering and other people´s  emotions is something very serious so if you want to learn how to practise this art it´s  important for you to do this through experienced people.

Always bear in mind that it´s  one thing to treat yourself and in exchange massage others and quite another to dedicate yourself to teaching workshops.

It´s  most important not to transmit “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” giving courses without previous essential training. Showing others without full knowledge could turn out to be a double-edged sword  debasing the art hurting both oneself and the patient who could become confused or even lost. For this reason it´s best to invite these people to get together for a workshop directed by someone already specialized.

On the other hand we are aware of, and grateful to, all the noble persons and those who have understood the “tool” and are carrying out a fine job with it, both in their own personal task practising with pureness on themselves and also sharing it with their families and close friends open to try and to experience the benefits.

We gratefully acknowledge all these sincere people their collaboration with “kiwani” and also for respecting “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” and showing the way orientating others.