A distinction has to be made between practice of massage on oneself and on others and also the passing on of this noble art in workshops. This last requires previous training.

When you assume the full committment to grow research and go deeper into this skill you are activating life within you day by day, week after week. You reach a pureness and wisdom that begin to form part of you and what is part of you is sacred, inviolable. One cannot lose it as it is not knowledge learnt and so cannot be forgotten.

Rather it is yourself transformed by your own life and experience. Thereforc what you can share with others, and the whole world, is your whole self.

The lost Art of Foot Washing is a pathway to self-development and as you work along with this foot massage humbly, sincerely, constantly, you will realise that you and the skill are one and the same. You become one with all the wisdom and love inside you through activating you feet and you can show all this.


For all we may want to spread this art we are not trained enough until we develop all our true virtues such as humility, sincerity, generosity, tollerance, gratitude, compassion… So we have to go on working on ourselves and with others till we become one with all pureness.

We have come across those who want to learn this art as if experimenting with it selfishly with putting their hearts into it. These lack the quality of gratefulness and respect for the “maestro” or the one who has tanght them the technique. These people are not ready till they develop gratitude and the will to serve this art.

Over the past, way back, these skills and sacred arts were passed down from master to disciple. True teaching was imparted in the presence of genuine, real, love and then the master gave himself to the disciple and the disciple to his “maestro” both melding together in one giving themselves up to its wisdom and skill.

Without  realizing an inner alchemy or arousing the energy of love we will lack pureness or knowledge enough to be able to pass on this noble art. So it´s  not enough to have all the best intentions to use this skill but also the wisdom to transmit it in the right way. This can only be as a result of an inner purification. Of no use are diplomas or a number of workshops or any kind of advertising, the one and only thing that counts is the sincerity and love in everything you do.

It should also be made clear that an instructor of this “tool” is neither a chosen or specially selected person, nor has a special diploma as “maestro”, guide or guru… but nevertheless has certain specific gifts to pass on this universal knowledge we all share within us and is for the well-being of all humanity.

A teacher in the foot-bathing art is not lead by his ego but by his inner research, knowledge, understanding and love. As we emphasized before the one and only thing helping in this is the love in all your actions. A real teacher or messenger in this  art has to continually work on himself humbly, sincerely and becoming an example in his life.

A teacher in the art of foot washing is not lead by his ego, his only letter of introduction is his life in the eyes of others. You will be able to receive his universal teaching without treating him as a special or outstanding being, without adoring, reverencing or having to follow him.

It´s  also essential to be aware that a true messenger of this art will never debase the knowledge received by changing or inventing variants from the original. The original teaching has to be passed on just as received with no distortion or devaluation. The true instructor will trasmit the skill to prepare freed beings, independent and responsible for themselves and with respect for their environment.

So anyone wishing to research and go deeper into the “Lost Art of Foot Massage” and wanting to transmit this in workshops will need to undergo serious work with the skill taking the following into account:

1.- Have taken part in at least one whole workshop in the art of foot washing with people backed up by “kiwani” and with the required experience.

2.- To have spent at least 3 years testing out the technique on himself weekly, continously, and thus acquiring benefits and merits. Also having shared this massage with others, giving and receiving and so becoming aware of how it works and its benefits

3.- Once one feels, at heart, that the time has come then one can contact the official e-mail website in “”CONTACT” section to be assessed  .

This is when doubts and questions can be cleared up and it can be decided whether or not a person is really ready to share and spread the technique learnt in workshops.



I was extremely lucky enough to take part in a workshop and masterclass and completely practical given by Jose Luis, also known as “LIBRE” in “Madre Tierra”.

As time went by I enjoyed the clear and simple way he expressed himself, his spontaneity and humility and sense of humour. I particularly noticed how he referred to both himself and others as “pathfinders”.

Libre´s  technique is basically manual but fundamentally orchestrated by a cool mind. To say it another way just as Tai Chi is a kind of meditation in movement the foot massage technique Libre teaches us, as far as the one massaging goes, is given in a meditative frame of mind. Whereas for his part the one giving works with no specific aim or target. The purpose is to keep a cool mind and warm heart and everything else will come about of its own accord.

Libre labels this tool as the “Forgotten Art of Foot Washing” through which we may achieve the following:

– arouse love in ourselves and the receiver

– awaken life within us

– Increase the individual´s  mental, physical and emotional harmony

– Ease suffering

– Meditate actively

All through the masterclass both as giver and receiver I can tell you how I felt specially at ease and identified myself with the method.

As a giver, in fact, for the very first time in my life I managed to keep my mind blank, totally and completely calm, serene and peaceful for more than forty minutes, living only in the here and now, the real present instant. And as a receiver I felt a great peacefulness and well-being.

To end with I´ll  leave you two of Libre´s  quotes I particularly like:

“When you change, the world changes”.

“A wizard is someone who transforms sadness to joy.”