It is said that this marvellous jewel came down from the sky and that the stars generously sent it down to the heart of the Earth where its seeds multiplied and spread to all corners of the planet ending up in the hands of noble, decent, honest people amongst whom were various sages, wizards, chamans and “maestros”.

History has it that the very first place where it was investigated and practised seriously was in the Far East specifically China.

Different holistic doctors and sages worked with it and rumours say this took place during the golden age of celestial mankind.

In India there is also great reverence for the guru´s  feet or the deities feet although all this became a mere ritual so losing the essence and brightness this gem entrained.

Also in Siberia when visitors arrived it was usual to receive them by washing their feet as a gesture of brotherhood, welcome and well-earned rest.

In Greek medicine feet are also bathed in water with coloured essences according to the case treated.

In America Toiteque sages decreed that the human being was a sphere or “body of light” that whilst growing and matierializing its thoughts (creating a frigid mind) it lost its halo of light except in our feet. So through them it´s  possible to connect once more.

The Egyptians showed the way to the iniciated in their pyramids and with all this the  worldwide essenian culture.


The Hopis and other red-indian tribes also held various different teachings about feet, but always relating this to the soul, the connection between Man and the Earth.

Later on copts, israelites, arabs, monks and even the middle ages when king Louis of France used to bathe his subjects´ feet as a symbol of brotherliness service and submission. The original expression “at your feet” in Arameo really refers to the soul. And so we could go on quoting different stories and legends relating feet to the spirit and liberation.

From here on various sages and prophets practised the art of foot-caressing. These were well-versed in compassion beyond any dogma, sect or religion yet leaving us with the message: “only inner truth will make you free…”

Right now we are many working and researching on our feet.