The only way to assess the long lost art of foot washing is by means of your own experience and understanding.

It is a most wonderful and generous gem, worhy of full respect. For this reason it is essential that first of all you make use of it for yourself to heal yourself and fully understand this cure inside you and thus experience your own truth. From them on you can share this massage, when you really feel it, and with anyone who nedds it and asks you for it.

A decent person has to start by setting an example with his own life and try his medicine on himself  before sharing it with others. The rules of love are very clear so we cannot give to others what we ourselves are not able to give ourselves.

Everyone working with this art has to do it with pureness. Although we have ignorance and darkness inside us it is worthwhile working from the heart.
One has to respect oneself and avoid doing to others what you wouldn´t  like then to do you. We know how to put ourselves in others´ shoes.

If you work on this skill correctly, sincerely as taught in a workshop, day by day, benefits will come by helping you to  awaken love and consciousness. It will guide you to unite you to love and wisdom.

Once you are supplying yourself you already have an experience and know the process of how this art and medicine work inside you. On this account you have to fully understand that “The forgotten Art of Foot Washing” needs no promoting but your own example spreads from one to another, heart to heart.

It is a universal skill which has to be available to all who need it and can serve it with a pure heart, unselfishy, free from any personal or comercial interest.

When you encounter people showing interest in knowing this more deeply you can refer them to our contact form so they can receive all the orientation necesary from experienced people really committed and appreciating the method.

To conclude this section it has to be stressed that in the field of self-healing one must be fully aware of the ethics and intentions of the self-healer. If  someone is lacking in a receptive attitude, a noble and open heart, ready to believe in human values, free himself of old beliefs and re-align and educate old mental patterns then this tool is not apt for him.

It is fundamental that the healer dedicate himself to developing a high moral attitude, in a series of values rooted in a profound reverence for all forms of life within which he can cultivate the integrity to allow him t o develop his own spiritual gifts.

In this way we will contribute to the correct usage of this technique and not drop into playing at being healers or gods. We will stop preying on others´  energy even in the name of light and love, and avoid trasmitting toxic energies to others even with the aim to heal them. Above all we will avoid fooling ourselves or manipulating this sacred art.

All this because as we said before, what has really hurt the humanbeing comes from his soul. Only by curing your own soul´s  wounds will you learn to love yourself-and others. Once you fully understand what pain is then you will understand others´  pain. So you will end up by discovering that healing is a journey to be undertaken by each individual and not a process carried out by a healer.

If we really wish to undertake this and traverse the pathway of Love and Truth we must have clear sight and pure hearts.


Over the years along this pathway in different places we have come across people who after trying out this skill and even having worked with it for several years still haven´t  fully understood its essence and haven´t  worked on it with the pureness of purpose, or the constancy and weekly seriousness recquired all of which contribute to the very meaning and full understanding of  “The Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

Some of these people tried to transmit it without respecting the bases. Even in a few cases we have been able to detect their belief in certain creeds and other forms of healing so they were manipulating the true skill. On account of this one has to continue working pureness, ignorance, old dogmas till fully understanding humans´  true reality with no separation (religion, philosophy or sect).

This technique has nothing superfluous, nothing missing. It is simply just as it is and with that very same pureness as it was handed on to us so we too have to pass it on.