You can learn this in a workshop or encounter lasting about 7 or 8 hours more or less. This introduces you to the fundamental meaning of this task in purifying, self-healing and the massage technique so that later each participant can develop and practise this in his own life.

These encounters or workshops are given by qualified people with experience backed up from kiwani to transmit it with all the pureness and necessary essence. Whoeves is interested in learning this lost Art can find information in our email in “CONTACT” section.

A note from Toño:

Seeing what-has happened to all the true arts through history, adultered and manipulated by man´s  egoism and self-interest I have personally made the decision to try to preserve this sacred art as far as possible so that it may continue bestowing its riches on mankind. For this reason I propose to offer it to all society, transmit and teach it taking care to maintain its pureness just as LIBRE entrusted it to me.

I am conscious that this gem takes care of itself shining out of its own accord and that its essence is libety. At the same time it is the means of freeing all beings from suffering shared by all but belonging to noone specifically and on account of this has always to be at hand when any human may need it.

What I feel very important, both natural and necessary is that there has to be unity, order and a flow in the same direction, full respect for the basis and fundamental points LIBRE taught us so as to preserve this skill, transmit and cultivate it with the greatest coherence. In this way we honour it and avoid the manipulation of this jewel.

One fine day this beautiful skill reached muy life –a true master- and I feel responsable for its care. My committment to it and to LIBRE has been and continues to be pure, deep and sincere. My brotherhood with Jose Luis is written in my heart and actions.

From the very start he entrusted this skill to me with all his heart and shortly before leaving his earthly body he encouraged me and personally authorized me to continue this task and committment protecting and tending it to continue trasmitting it with all the pureness and wisdom lying within me.

On account of all of which and deeply grateful for all the benefits it brings me, I feel with all my heart the need to fulfill this responsability, as well as make all the essential, necessary decisions for the spreading of  “The Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

Let´s  take care of this jewel so that it may reach others maintaining its true essence. Although I am also aware that this may be very hard and complicated for others who could misinterpret or confuse all this.