Self-healing is a journey to be undertaken by each individual and not a process carried out by a healer. Self-healing means being responsible for your own inner wounds and covering them over with the light of your consciousness.

The power to heal cannot be acquired from something external but is about the result of your very own inner development and clarity of consciousness. Therefore it is not through abilities or knowledge you have picked up from somebody else that you will become well again but purely through who you are, by the inner pathway you have followed.

What truly heals is Love. That is why nobody can really heal anyone else. Only you can heal yourself once you arouse the force of love abiding deep within you and is what frees you.

There is a great difference between curing and healing.
Curing is related to the application of remedies and implies solving any external problem that arises, rather like sticking a patch on a punctured wheel, applying a tourniquet on a snake bite or treating a tumor with chemotherapy. But all this is of no avail to avoid nails on the road or snakes in the jungle or the illness causing the tumour.

Healing is far wider and completer. Healing changes one´s life and frequently, but not in every case, spartks off a physical cure. When we heal we measure results by the increasing well-being, a feeling of peacefulness, strength and a sharing with all forms of life. When you get better you definitely rouse gaiety, the joy of living, and feelings of gratefulness in your heart and of helping others un-selfishly.

So healing or helping, basically, have nothing at all to do with particular gifts or knowhow learnt from books or courses, but rather stems from those values we humans love lost (sincerity, humbleness, purity, patience, tolerance, insight, intuition, generosity, gaiety…etc).

It´s no use having information, theoretic or intellectual knowhow if we do not fully understand the true nature of the laws of life and if we are not completely coherent with our very selves putting this into our daily practice.

The long lost art of foot washing is a means to self-healing allowing you to integrate the theoretical understanding of the laws of life but live them as a true experience.