Jose Luis “LIBRE”

Was a great master of  “The Long Lost Art of foot bathing”. He was born in Spain in 1963 and left in 2009.

Self-taught and after long, deep research due to his own illness he rediscovered this long forgotten and age old art for liberation. He is the author of  “The book of Life” and “The long lost art of foot bathing”.

“LIBRE” travelled all over Spain sharing and teaching this skill, so sacred for serving all those human beings wishing to know themselves and to be their own masters. He showed us this art just as the sages of the past practised it completely preserving all its pureness.

He always fully respected the essential part of this noble art, freedom and brotherliness. Therefore he never created any school, philosophy or sect but merely showed us a way to liberation and left us with the fundamental bases to use the technique in the right way for the freeing and benefit of all mankind.