Libre´s Testimony

Hello, my name is “Libre”.

I´m  writing these lines with the intention of helping and orientating all the people looking for and wanting some way to heal themselves and find a way out of suffering and the ignorance that in these times turn us into victims in our lives. Also so as to flow in the same direction with the same aim, that of compassion and brotherliness.

This is also directed to those, therapists, doctors and people traversing different spiritual paths.

Though this may appear rather long I would ask you all to real it to the last word. I´m  absolutely sure it can clear up some of your present situations.
I have decided to write now on account of the moments, so critical and confusing, on our planet. Earth, our home planet, is undergoing crisis and chaos and is full of wars, illness, doubt, confusion… in short pain and suffering.

As much as we practise personal growth techniques or healing skills we are still unable to free ourselves completely and be happy.

As for myself I must say I´m not on this track bored of my everyday life or going through a new hippy fashion or something New Age.

I´m  into the world of healing because with my very first breath of life I landed up in the vast ocean of sickness and suffering. This whole conflict has led me in a true search.

From the start life registred in me a serious illness known as rheumatoid arthritis which progressively tied me down and chained me to fear, losing the essence of a human being, happiness and gaiety. From then on up to now I´ve  come a long way.
It has cost me a great deal and has been a huge challenge asking myself many inner questions eg. How could someone blind like myself with such a deteriorated body go into the field of teaching about healing and spirituality.

Over my life I´ve  made great friends who said, “Libre you neither look like a doctor nor speak like a therapist but you do have all the wisdom and neccssary experience of illness and suffering in your own flesh from the beginning of your life. People like you are the ones who can really help us because of their knowledge”.

Early in my life I went through traditional medicine, often for long times in hospital trying out different vaccines or medication which sometimes eased pain or reduced inflamation but sooner or later the effects wore off and I had to change to another treatment. Although the pain went the disease remained with increasing suffering.

At that time my parents took me both to quacks and doctors famous then. With their treatment I got a little better nevertheless my body degenerated more and more and my suffering continued increasing. As my body went on worsening the process attacked other parts of me, liver, kidneys and I almost became completely blind. Frustration, impotence, desperation grew, yet more suffering not simply physical but mental, emotional and energetic.

Later on my eyes were operated but the cataracts reproduced themselves. CLEARLY ENOUGH we were NOT GETTING TO THE ROOTS OF THE PROBLEM.

And as if this was not enough, when I was 26 I had a serious car accident which left me lifeless. It was then I realized I was buried alive. When I reached rock bottom there was a surge of HOPE. “I have to free myself, get out of this situation, and I even had bad thoughts of taking my life; these were really critical moments for a human being.

From then on I began seriously researching the field of healing. So it´s  through my experience that I can objectively orientate you all.

I went to New Age therapists and doctors and their medicine and natural therapies helped me along at first till their effect wore off as they were only superficial and I realized that my subconscience formed a very strong barrier preventing curing more deeply.

I also took part in various food cultures vegetarianism, macrobiotics, hygeinics and others. But there again my subconscience prevented my channelling the information, in the right way so these therapies weren´t  very effective either.

I went into various schools using mental control or visualization. I visualized myself as handsome and agile, healthy, rich and in love. Nevertheless I realized I was still empty except for loads of complexes and taboos, rage and suffering. It was obvious; I was still not reaching the roots of the problem so I realized the pain and suffering are not cleared away by visualization nor parapsychology.

I fell into the hands of several mediums. I tried everything only to make it all worse by venturing into the lower worlds and exposing myself to “energetic vampires” or bloodsuckers. Although some of my friends went on in that way I gave it all up. These means took me no closer to freedom or happinesss.

So then I tried another way, practising different meditations many of which did help me relax at a superficial level but only in the time dedicated to the practice.
So once more I saw I was still not getting at the source of the problem. My circumstances invited me to go ahead in my search.

Next I went into the world of canalization and found great messages like: “You have to be at peace”, “you have to be tolerant”, “You must be calm and live the present moment”…etc. I worked on the pyramid, with crystals and quartz and with “I AM” and to start with I benefitted from the mind´s  suggestability but just as always, I went on suffering in my life without getting TO  THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM.

Then I made friends and we played at angels and archangels and even there I was still unaware of my ignorance or that games entertain one and are fun but do not lead you to liberation.

At the same time I was trying this out I still had the hope that God would help me to get better. Night after night I prayed he would relieve my suffering.
Despite my friends tellings me I would get better because of my faith I started to question certain things coming to: “Either God is deaf and doesn´t  understand…” and on I went in my quest although with no response.

I was sure that life´s  wisdom would help me so I began to listen to the wisdom of sages of the past like Buddha, Mahomet or even Jesus Christ all of whom said the same: “purify your mind, your subconscience, your very self”,  “from ignorance and then you will be free…”

Another message said “try the way of love and compassion and you will be happy”, and then added “No one can heal you, only yourself”, So I arrived at the conclusion that if neither Buddha, nor Jesus Christ could go my way, they had already gone their´s, then I had to go my own way. At last with all this understanding I came across “The Long Lost Art of Foot bathing” the technique which then led me to freedom from suffering, healing of the soul and above all the great awakening.

So my searching ceased and I set off on the true path of love and compassion.



I am absolutely convinced that anyone can really heal himself through his own inner wisdom and self-understanding.

Within us lies registered when we provoked the problem of sickness, the how and when of all this, and why we have done this. All the different queries of the human being are registered like: “Who and I?” “What an I doing here?”, “Why is this happening to me?”, “What´s  my purpose in life?”.

I´m  utterly convinced unless we go straight to the soul´s healing the human being will remain lame, crippled dependent on the curing of a certain illness, to balance his emotions, or his energetic field…etc.

I´m quite sure that without healing the source of my life (the soul) and seat of compassion, even today I would be a victim of the same suffering and illness.

Right now and thanks to “The Long Lost Art of Foot Bathing” my consciousness has awakened and I am no longer a victim of so much pain and dead weight in my back pack.

I am also quite sure that if I hadn´t  decided to turn to inside truth I would still be dependent on some guru, “maestro” or any belief or philosophy of the New Age.

Now I have realized we human beings say we are gods and play at this but when we carry out an alchemy inside us, everything becomes easier and EVERYTHING LIES EN THE EXPERIENCE OF DISCOVERING LOVE WITHIN US, showing this day by day in everyday things. This is the one and only healing energy to cure any human being. It is as only as  far from us as our own breathing.