Hello there, my name is Tony and one of the most important days of my life was when I re-found “LIBRE” who in his turn entrusted me with a true jewel. From then on, this wakes me week after week and the art continues opening me up day after day furthering me along the way of love.

My whole life then changed completely. At that time I was full of sadness and emptiness within me and times were hard around me and with my family.
Inside me lay the sincere desire and to search for a way out of the situation. At those times when I felt so lost, frustrated, impotent was when I begged life from the bottom of my heart to show me the way to learn and love everything. Shortly after this life put Jose Luis “LIBRE” in touch with me. It was an encounter with a big brother and I can say that at his side I started to vibrate with love and compassion. With him I became witness to the world of magic and experienced what some philosophies and cultures mention, the myth of brotherhood and frienship among all mankind.

It was absolutely clear to me that my quest was totally genuine and the one and only thing I wanted was to connect to myself, pick up the reins of my life and cease being a prey to suffering.

So it was one fine day on leaving a meditation retreat where I had a profound experience, someone mentioned Jose Luis to me and told me he was a real master in that kind of meditation. I then wanted to share the experience I had just had and was given Jose Luis´ phone number so I could get in touch with him.

A few days after I got in touch with Jose Luis and went to see him at his home. On arriving I introduced myself as Tony and told him I was going to share my experience in the retreat. “Libre´s” first words were “Tony, you haven´t  come for that only but something even greater”. I didn´t  quite understand what he was getting at, but everything became clear later on.

From de very moment I set eyes on Jose Luis I felt deep in my heart that we already knew each other, and I was meeting up again with an elder brother. That day we shared a meal in his home and later he offered me a foot massage. I willingly accepted. There it was I felt the second great re-encounter of the day on receiving from “Libre´s”  hands this long Lost Art and feeling this foot massage that allowed me to feel the deepest of peace and connection within myself.

It is quite beyond words to express what I was then living and feeling. But I can affirm that from that moment on my searching ended as I had found what I had for so long been looking-for. From then on the most important journey of my life began, the journey deep inside myself.

This whole re-encounter came about in such a simple innocent yet magical and natural way. Shortly before meeting Jose Luis, in my searching I had planned travelling to India for at least a year but in the end it wasn´t  for me and I didn´t  carry out that trip…
Paradoxically what I was looking for thousands of kilometres away turned up almost on my doorstep. There was no need for me to go to India or elsewhere for what lay within me and could sense so simply through my own feet love.

I am most deeply grateful to Jose Luis and life for all the blessings I have always received.
That very same day after the massage Jose Luis asked me if I would like to help him at home and collaborate in the art of foot washing. Without a doubt I agreed and stayed on living beside him six years in his home in Kiwani, Galicia. I received this great boon he bestowed on me when allowing me to share so much and so many experiences.

Side by side with this exceptional being my life became the most extraordinary of adventures. Everything became full of life and colour and I felt myself in another dimension. Some time later I was able to understand what was going on and that I was throbbing in the dimension of pure brotherhood and love, living the simple day by day events alongside a great master and human being.

Week by week I began to receive the foot massage Jose Luis affered me in his home and which I reciprocally gave him every 7 days. That´s  how I began this practice. Later on we began to travel Spain sharing this skill and I was able to collaborate in the project and “kiwani association” as well as in the writing of  “The long Lost Art of Foot Washing”.

My committment to “LIBRE” and the technique has always been of the most complete and profound respect.
I am most profoundly grateful to “LIBRE” for all the tenderness and confidence he showed me as well as towards all those we met along the way.

From the start I have constantly practised this massage weekly and seriously and from then on results began to reach me day by day. It was a gradual process, the massage on my feet began silently, subtly but nevertheless deep within me. First of all I was becoming able to respect and love myself and appreciate every instant life offered me.
Of course there were very painful stages forming part of my awakening, all making me conscious of the pain and complexes inside me; I was freeing myself of guilt and breaking through the archetypes conditioning my mind and so stopping my being a victim to suffering.

With complete confidence in it I went on working with the skill, and the harvest yielded. Day by day my self-esteem flourished gathering greater strength inside me. I began then to learn to live in greater calm, observing more lucidly without judging. From here on I was more concious of the great gifts, opportunities and magical encounters life offered me. My heart was full of gratitude.
In all these re-encounters I saw myself reflected in each person and so understood what love really means and how often it is far from what we think it to be… and has nothing whatsoever to do with knowledge or beliefs.

The fruit of this personal task,  my relation to life and people is more respectful, deeper and kinder, foot caressing has shown me how to live in brotherhood. I have been able to share this massage wholeheartedly with many and also in various workshops with truly beautiful and enriching learning and experiences. From here I give thanks to all those I have met along the way, letting me wash their feet, share with them and go on growing. All of them have been great “masters”…

Of course, day after day, apprenticeship goes on… The pathway of love is endless and there is so much to learn from life. What is more it´s  not always so easy and colourful when sometines one sets up really difficult situations that can face one profoundly and only be observed by contually learning to further develop yet greater patience and still more tolerance etc… Above all this to be tackled with the clarity to understand and view it and free yourself with more love.

Every week is a challenge in my personal growth and I never cease to be surprised when I activate myself through my feet. Persevering, working with this massage I am able to go through different stages and levels of consciousness allowing me to know myself and life still more. Above all I have learnt to enjoy myself and my inner silence even more. This skill has helped me shake off and free myself from many heavy loads of pain and suffering and so I am able to live in greater harmony becoming freer and happier each day.

All this steady work with “The Lost Art of Foot Washing” has also lead me to develop an increased sense of gratitude in action, being able to help others disinterestedly. I have realised how often we lock ourselves inside us burying ourselves in our pain and problems and are unable to open our eyes and really see what is going on around us.

I have had the opportunity to share my experience and serve this foot massage in Mexico with people with different discapacities and I have worked with orphans and abandoned children living in the street and at great risk. A smile returned to their faces and some hope in their lives. When having their feeel bathed these children were freely able to express all the love in their hearts. They were my great teachers by allowing me to caress their feet and thus experience so much love and in a flash and without any words understand all the greatest truths.

On various occasions I have also been able to work on patients in the last stage of serious illness. A simple gesture or just one glance including your simple presence beside these people, caressing their feet at such a critical moment in their lives permitted me witness in person great transformations.

In some cases these people even came round from coma but most important of all with them was that unvaryingly they were in utter peace and I too was able to feel a profound communion and brotherhood.
Even in such difficult situations these were truly beautiful experiences filling me with clarity and gratitude, reminding me of the true meaning of life and who we are.

This technique is so powerful it´s  beyond words to describe so much magic. Hopefully more people will feel the need to delve inside and find themselves and have the chance to practice this massage with all sincerity and pureness so that all together we can make this planet more humane.

¡¡May all beings attain peace and happiness!!