The lost art of foot washing is a tool for self release that comes from no particular school or New Age philosophy but is an age old art that already had a place in many cultures and countries but fell into oblivion.

In those far off days according to tradition this art used to be directly transmitted from master to disciple. Different sages of compassion for from any particular religion, sect or creed used to carry it out leaving us a message of freedom; “inner truth alone will free you”.

Today this forgotten art is once again with us thanks to Jose Luis “LIBRE” who after a long, profound investigation carried out on himself, rediscovered it and handed it on to us as an authentic way to personal and spiritual development, in order for us discover our own truth and know ourselves.
Due to the serious degenerative illness LIBRE was born with, rheumatoid arthritis, which enchained him and led him to uselessness, and after a prolonged searching with different therapists, healers and treatment from all parts of the world trying to break out of his suffering one fine day LIBRE came across this noble, age old art. From then on his true self-healing and liberation began.

It was through his illness that all the wisdom and knowledge of himself, life and sicknesses dawned on him managing to transform his ignorance to wisdom, sadness to happiness, pain to joy. All through this deep process of self-taught investigation into the forgotten art of foot washing he became aware of self deception and confusion of the human being and within him the spring of love and compassion awoke.

From then on LIBRE gave himself up entirely to this way and service to mankind sharing this noble art with us in utter pureness, maintaining its very essence so that all of us may benefit from this means of self-healing.