How can I tell if I´m ready to practise the lost art of foot bathing?

What is most important is that you are sincere and honest with yourself in your quest. If you want to rid yourself of suffering and develop all your inner potential and are disposed to undertake a serious commitment practising this skill continously then you can carry out a deep labour of purification and transformation. Love´s  very own intelligence will guide you and strengthen you with courage on your way.

Where are workshops on “The Lost Art of Foot washing” run?

Generally these courses are arranged in various towns or places where they ask us (eg Yoga centres or other places…) and occasionally where the instructors run them.

How long does a workshop take?

Normally from about 9.30 or  10.30 am. Ending at about 19 pm. It is essential that each participant stays on from the beginning to the end to receive all the teaching.

May I use a tape recorder or camera in the workshop?

No this is not allowed.

Where can I get the books on “The Lost art of foot washing”?

Right now these books are only offered to people who attend a course and seriously commit themselves to the technique so that they can use them to back themselves up. This is the real motive they were written for though the skill was also made known in different places and shops.

Is it possible to carry out this massage on alcoholics or the mentally sick?

The only exceptions where this massage is not recommended is with seriously mentally sick patients eg those with schizophrenia, paranoya, or alcoholics. In cases of psychiatric disorders and loss of reality it is not advisable as it could be too upsetting. In all these cases it is best to consult more specialised people in this skill to receive orientation.

To take part in a workshop on “The Lost Art of Foot Bathing” should one have any technical knowledge about healing or anatomy?

No, it´s  not necessary. It´s  a universal tool and anyone sincere, open-minded and willing to grow as a human being taking on full responsibility for himself and his surroundings, is welcome.

Is it right or not to charge for the lost art of foot bathing?

Since our “Kiwani” experience and as for the workshops on the technique we should make quite clear that from the start both during “Libre´s” time in Spain and Tony´s  in Mexico the workshops have always been offered altruistically. Freeing from suffering and the value of liberty is priceless.

In the talks in the workshops, demostrating and sharing this massage many participants weren´t  really into it but were there for fun and a good time and that way didn´t  really take in the skill or not appreciating it or giving it its due importance.

When you are given a present without earning it by paying for it by your own effort, you don´t  value it and on the contrary when you earn something by your own effort and sweat, the appreciation is quite different.

There were even people who let us places but who spent their time collaborating in preparing workshops and we were faced with a situation in which participants at these meetings didn´t  pay back to cover the minimum expenses for letting us the places… etc. So we saw how many who were motivated and open to service became frustrated.

In our experience with workshops on this “tool” we realice that generally, but with some exceptions, people don´t  have a  true sense of generosity and gratefulness, being unaware of the expenses caused by having to travel, transport and lodging…etc.

On account of all this and up to now we decided to charge a reasonable price for workshops. Thanks to these economic resources generated by the “tool” it has been possible to continue its spreading seriously to other places and people.

As for massage practice outside workshops we generally offer this altruistically to all who need it and ask us for it whole heartedly although we are willing to accept any voluntary contribution. Only very exceptionally when really necessary do we ask for collaborations.

Further clarification, the essential thing is not whether you put a price on this massage but your attitude and nobleness on serving it. Although it-s no “tool” to be commercialized it is important you value it. So each person must decide its value and right price according to his heart and conscience or whether he wants to share it unselfishly or through some sort of exchange.