If this instrument has reached or is about to reach you it is important to understand certain things, fully understand how they work and what their purpuse is so that you can use them in the right way and thus obtain better benefits.

The long lost art of foot washing is a tool for self-healing and therefore requires a sincere, profound and whole-hearted commitment with oneself. We are about to treat with the liberation from ignorance and suffering which is so delicate.

This is for those who want to encounter happiness and freedom. Nobody can really do this for you, nobody else can heal you but only you, yourself can heal through your own self-understanding.

The forgotten art of foot washing is a pathway to personal overcoming and the aim is to heal the soul, the real problem of the human being.
It is very important to understand that the final goal is not to cure cancer, any illness or mental or emotional upset…etc…, although all this is often involved and intertwined, but rather as an instrument for you to know yourself and for you to learn to be a channel of love being your own master.

The aim of this art is also to have a useful tool we can give and receive between us, with our family and friends, helping us to heal through our self-knowledge.

As for bathing our feet the main aim is to reach our soul. With this sacred action we free ourselves of impurities and simultaneously harmonize with our energetic and emotional fields which previously kept us paralized, in bondage quite unable to progress due to fear, pain or suffering. For this reason it is a task of freeing and healing as well as a symbol of forgiveness and brotherliness.

Once you have carried out regularly this massage and have been purifying yourself is when you can come into contact with the other essential part of this skill which is that of disposing your own personal experience to the service of others, sowing seeds of freedom both for yourself and others.

Then you will be capable of carrying out altruistic acts and sharing your experience with others in need of tenderness who suffer for some reason or other.
Here we now explain a few situations where this technique can also help a great deal:

– the generally sick suffering from fibromialgia, alzheimer, chronique fatigue…, etc.

– people in mourning having lost a beloved

– doctors, nurses, therapists, ,psychotherapists, behindness, language problems,

– expecting women

– children and youngsters with different difficulties (behindness, language problems,

– children with psychique, physicial or sensorial problems

– the elderly

– people in coma or near death

– people suffering stress, anxiety or depression

– people involved in their personal development but are not satisfied with some
aspect of their lives and wish to expand their human and creative gifts.

At heart, this skill is not a treatment but a way of life that will help you to be conscious and fully in touch with your daily reality.

Although not a therapy it is psycotherapeutic. Through this labour we learn how to develop our common sense, avoid hurting others, help others, and cultivate thoughts and emotions based on love. Because of this it is a skill that can be incorporated by those living in brotherhood, those who follow no religious creed or maestro; those who quite simply traverse the universal pathway of love and compassion. This is the challenge of this art.

If you want to investigate and go deeper into the forgotten Art of Foot Washing the first thing you have to do is look purely at yourself to see if you are being truly honest and sincere with yourself in your self-searching and see what you are after in practising this foot massage and above all recognise if you really want to take full responsability for yourself and your life.


From my humble experience, which I believe common to all those whom we encounter along the way of this skill I can tell you that a couple of years ago I began to take part in spiritual kinds of courses.

I suppose I was looking for something to enrich myself as my life was unsatisfying then. From others point of view my life was perfect, a family, health, a job money… but I still felt I didn´t know where to direct my life and what was more important, I felt I wanted to do something that would satisfy me and give me a purpose in my life.

A friend who was working where Jose Luis was going to carry out a workshop told me about him and I decided to participate. I had no idea what it entailed nor what I was in for. The feeling I recall while sitting there listening to “LIBRE” is of happiness and satisfaction, as if I had found what I was looking for. Everything in which I had been believing over those last years seemed to materialize in “Libre´s” words. And I had the greatest of luck in my first session of activating the force of love receiving this through Jose Luis hands and to whom I will always be grateful for his crossing my path and giving me such a gift.

I have now been activating myself weekly over 10 months and my whole life has completely and utterly changed. Now I really feel I´m on  the way I wanted and not the path I had been made to follow. I realise it´s no easy way like most others as there are difficult stages where pain and our worst sides show up but if we know how to face up to them and be stronger than them we will have earned something priceless. We will live in love and what is even more important we have an instrument to help us grow free ourselves and it is now in our hands waiting for us to pass it on to all those who feel that something inside them is telling them something really great is about to reach them.

Manfred P.

I started practising with this skill a year ago. It has been a great lesson in discovering both the beautiful and the ugly parts of myself.
This  awakening of consciousness since then has brought about a change and made me think both about myself and others. I feel more united to mankind and at the same time I realise that the most essential thing for me is my inner peace and to love myself.
That´s  why I recommend this technique to all those I meet on my way. I offer massage to others and see deep changes in those who let themselves be activated. It´s  a great help to avoid succumbing to outside forces but to stick to one´s  own heart.
The magic of love heals everything.

Bertha´s  experience with a person in her final stage of sickness

I got to know “The lost art of foot washing” and massage in a workshop run by Toño in Mexico. Then I offered this to Consuelo, my sister, sick with cancer and she agreed. Due to a tumour on her tongue they amputated part of it and so she had to be fed through a tube.

She was in great pain so at least to get slight relief she was injected morphine. Pain was very severe and medicine only helped a little.
When I gave her this massage my sister liked it because she felt she was loved, accompanied and could rest from her pain.

I continued with her massage from may till she died in september 2006.
During all this time she was clear and fully conscious with no side-effects from morphine and in her last week she even managed with less morphine. Usually they gave her eight injections each day, then only three.
On her last day she stopped talking and seemed no longer to be with us here but nevertheless when I was close to her she said, “Please give me my injection for the pain and massage me”. And she got ready for me to do this.

I gave her the massage and she went back to sleep. This time she didn´t  wake up again and six hours after her last massage she stopped breathing to die in complete peace and tranquility. I have to add I too was at peace despite the pain.

Tere´s  experiences working with Greta, Alfredo and Betty:

Greta Araceli

Greta had a dangerous bout of peritonitis, a real emergency. Various organs became infected and she had no defences.
The day after admission to hospital her state was so serious there was little hope for her. She was in intensive care but four days after there was an opportunity to massage her feet and the very next day she recovered.

There was really no other opportunity to go to hospital to give her massage however her future husband was shown how to do it on her feet so he could continue with it and so he did.

Alfredo Marín

He was a general practicioner at first with one brain tumour and as time went by two others appeared. He underwent several operations to cut them out but one was impossible, embedded in a lobe and the extraction would totally affect his speech, balance and co-ordination. All these functions were affected as the tumour advanced. Dr. Marín was given foot massage for about a year.

I perceived something; although his illness continued advancing his feet felt-firmer and firmer as he received the weekly treatment whereas at the beginning his feet were very frail.

At the end of every massage session he would start to move his arms and legs feeling he was recuperating mastery of his movements and he expressed his well-being. One of the things he continously expressed was that with every massage he felt closer to God which comforted him.

He died of asphyxsia due to his lack of defences a kind of frothy cotton wool came out of his mouth and throat until finally bringing about his suffocation.

Marín repeatedly begged that they call us to give him massage in hospital but his family paid no attention to his wishes. I suppose they never really understood the skill thinking it would hold him back so their answer was that they didn´t  want him to suffer. At the end of the massage session (but not in the last ones) Marín preferred not to be helped walking; he could do it alone and his speech was more fluent. He himself said “you notice how my speaking is improving and how I can move better…”


A pedriatician had a stomach tumour, I´m  not quite sure where.  They said she had only 6 more months of life. I gave her massage over about 2 years, 8 years after the diagnosis. She was very strong as her children were really small then. Over all those years she was undergoing chemotherapy which exhausted her and reduced her defences even more.

With Betty the same thing happened as with Dr. Marín, her feet began to feel stronger and firmer. This is when I understood that her inner strength helped her do what she had to do before passing away and so follow her pathway with greater tranquility.

She mentioned how well and peaceful she felt with her massage even commenting how she was unable to sleep but after massage she really rested and slept placidly.
She mentioned how she felt energy running through her whole body.

I don´t  really know what else to tell you, it´s  very little compared to all the time I lived with them. I must say that all that time I was upset by her passing away as I felt endeared to her. However I am convinced that these people understood the meaning of this skill. All the time open questions were being solved. Just what or how I cannot tell. Probably they never reached full physical cure but they healed inside and made a great leap ahead. These two enjoyed their massage alone, their families backed them up but without becoming involved.

Nice´s  experience with Dr. Marín

My experience with foot washing practised with Dr. Marín was absolutely extraordinary taking into account the graveness of his tumour. Despite this how glad he was for his massage. It didn´t  matter if it was a sunday, his difficulties or the chemotherapy he had  to undergo he would change everything for his foot washing. One could see his eagerness both on arriving and leaving. He would become quite relaxed and then fall into deep sleep. He would wake up eager and full of life. The greatest improvement I saw in him was that calm way of looking at things, and his gratefulness to us for the help we gave him really impressed me as well as his focus on life and how he battled on despite cancer. He never gave up, was always grateful and I feel sure he died peacefully and happy despite his family´s grief.

Anonymous evidence

I´m  a woman who from the very first massage for my feet started to get down to work on a rape by one of my brothers. This is what was then stirred up and what I wanted to get off my conscience. I decided to carry out weekly massage and at the beginning I worked with such pain in my heart I felt I was tethered  by only a thread and it hurt a great deal.

It was just like before and my mind brought back to me that memory to be lived over yet again. But I set my hope on releasing myself from all that pain and went on working with my foot massage.  All the past claustrophobia emerged of that old trauma. When he would shut me in a room or cupboard.

At the same time whenever I remember being shut in I suffer from claustrophobia and fear. Nightmares came back to me and whenever I was alone with only men in my classes I really had to pluck up all my courage to teach my classes. I was really scared stiff if there were only men.

Little by little with this skill everything gradually changed, fears faded away and I regained self-confidence. In the most recent sessions I no longer undergo such deep crises nor react as I did at first and I realize that I´m  on a subtle task no longer swinging from one extreme to another in my feelings.

Actually I have used this massage on my sister who has set to work on all the blows received in a car accident 8 years ago. She tells me that each single massage is unique and she can sense her legs, spine and head… she says she´s  coming along very well.

What keeps me going is people´s  response, the love they feel towards themselves and how their way of thinking changes by the end of a session.
I´m  teaching it to some yoga students, my family and neighbours.

Thank you for teaching me this massage.