Feet archive all the records and experiences of our entire existence, patterns, conduct, beliefs and at the same time all the faculties and human potencial are registered there. Through them we can work on purification and alchemy.

One could state that working with this forgotten art is a way that a person can obtain the purification of his mind, meaning leaving behind hate, fear, miserliness, bad will and giving rise to the presence of love, compassion and pureness in one´s heart. The purpose of this lost art is the essential healing of human suffering.

By massaging our feet we delve into memory and recorded experiences managing to move them along out to the present. In this way we have the opportunity to set up a new and correct learning from the traumatic experiences that brought about our suffering. At the same time this unclogs and opens the door to our self-knowledge, love, acceptation of ourselves and thus developing all our inner human potential and creativity. We also call it an “art” because it teaches us now to live and flow along in harmony with the laws of life, the law of love and all the greatest spiritual strengths of gratitude and altruistic service. Also because if you carry this out seriously and regularly with yourself you will discover your own truth which goes far beyond merely solving a physical or emotional problem.

This massage, or art of foot washing is not a religion or treatment but turns into a way of life. We realize that it really and truly is a pathway to self-healing. And because liberation lies in our very own hearts (not in adapting to any external power, anything supernatural or the like…) stirring up love through our feet we re-encounter our real selves and became vehicles of love and freedom.